best plan for long term roaming

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best plan for long term roaming

I travel abroad most of the year, but I still need to maintain a Canadian phone number as a contact number. I don’t need to use it often, but I do need to be able to receive calls or texts on it periodically (e.g. from my bank). Obviously, I don’t need data when I’m roaming, but I do need data when I come back. What plan (post or pre-paid) would best suit my needs?


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Re: best plan for long term roaming

Good evening @xdxc,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thanks for your post!


We most definitely want to help you figure out the best plan for your needs. To do so, we might need more information from you.


An option like the temporary suspension does not allow you to place and receive phone calls while you're away so a low cost plan might be ideal.


You can view our prepaid plans, here.


Do you have a rough idea of the monthly quantity of data you would need?


Let us know!