Voicemail not working

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Re: Voicemail not working

Hello @Carol5C,


Spending $3.50 from your $10.00 balance only to still have issues with your Voicemail is definitely frustrating I'm sure!


There could be an issue with the way the account was set up, it would be best to speak to our prepaid department to confirm everything was set up properly. Please follow the steps below outlined by RogersMaude to contact our Prepaid department.


"To ensure that you do not incur additional charges and check whether it was properly added, please dial 1 (800) 575-9090, from a different phone/line, to contact our Prepaid department.First, wait for language selection to finish. Then press option 4 for “General information” and 4 again to “Contact Rogers”. Finally, press option 1 to reach a live representative quickly."


Other users have gotten this issue resolved by reaching out to the Prepaid team as per Post #3 in this thread.


I hope this helps!