Voice Usage not Showing Up on MyRogers (prepaid)

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Voice Usage not Showing Up on MyRogers (prepaid)

I have the $85 a year plan with unlimited texting and 100 minutes per year. I would like to view my voice usage but when I log into my MyRogers account, the 'Voice Usage' tab/page shows nothing. Is there some way to fix this or some other way to check my voice usage? I already contacted Rogers several times and they keep replying with "It will show up next month..."


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Re: Voice Usage not Showing Up on MyRogers (prepaid)

For any PayGo questions visit the Rogers.com PayGo site or your closest Rogers Wireless location.




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Re: Voice Usage not Showing Up on MyRogers (prepaid)

detail of usage of pay as you go



I have a pay as you go plan for $100 per yr with unlimited texting in canada, 100 calling minutes per year.  Calling minutes in excess of 100 mins are charged at $0.50 per cal and Internation SMS (incoming and outgoing) are $0.30 each.  This is my understanding of my account.  

I decided to pay the $100 plus $40 to cover any excess calling minutes or international SMS.  

My $40 is now at $0 and I seem to have exceeded my 100 minutes.

I have been unable to find any information on the website that indicates the usage of the 100 minutes or the $40.00.

Does anyone know where you can review the usage of your Pay as you Go?




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Re: Voice Usage not Showing Up on MyRogers (prepaid)

this does not give an answer to the question. can you get details of the usage of "pay as you go" on the mergers webpage?
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Re: Voice Usage not Showing Up on MyRogers (prepaid)

@tony67 This is how I see my balance and call history, but I haqve the regular $100 plan that works off a balance, not the unlimited texting one you have.


I have the PayGo History page bookmarked, but I can also go through MyRogers, sign in, select my PayGo account from the pop-up or dropdown, then select Billing and Payment. I then have to select my cell phone number from the dropdown, and I see may balance and call history.  The difference between our plans is that my calls and texts get deducted from my balance right away, while yours are "free" until you exceed your plan. 


Just curious, did you see the extra $40 you paid on your balance right away, or did you only check after you thought you might have used it up? Also, your account must be keeping track of your calls in order to know when to charge you after you exceed your plan. So where is the record that Rogers can see, but you can't? Something is fishy here. If Rogers is doing it right, you should be seeing all the free calls and then the charged calls in excess of the plan. If that's not available to you, Rogers needs to provide records as to where your money went.

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