Switching PayGo plans

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Re: Switching PayGo plans

@barndoor wrote:

Does tracking your usage not depend on how much you use it?

 Even the basic plan doesn't keep track of the  usage for you does it ...other than to record the last 20 transactions or so .  Doesn"t it  just keeps track of that limited number  of transactions whether it takes you a week or a month to do that many transactions ? 

 So the prepaid data addon plans won't keep a running total of how much you have used ?

I have the basic PayGo with no add-ons or bells and whistles. If I receive a text with a picture attached I don't see it and it doesn't even give me a URL for it like it used to before I had a smart phone. I have to turn data on and then get charged for getting the picture.


It does look like my PayGo transaction history goes back a couple of months or 20 transactions, whichever is the lesser. So if you want to keep records you have to copy and save it to a text file before it exceeds that buffer.

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Re: Switching PayGo plans

We were talking somewhere about the grand fathered plans .... I found on my page what we pay  ... way back we signed up for the 25 cents a minute for the first 5 minutes and 15 cents thereafter  and I see we are still at the 25 cents a minute rate  so it must apply here the same as for the postpaid plans .