Pay as you go minutes drained!

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Pay as you go minutes drained!

I topped up my minutes tonight and was on a local call that drained all my minutes when I have free calling until 7am? My balance drained to zero and i can't do anything about it until tomorrow? I was on an important call, this hasn't happened in all the years I've been with you guys?




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Re: Pay as you go minutes drained!

Hello @therealmp,


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It's definitely unusual for the minutes to be used up all in one go. Based on what you've explained I would encourage you to get in touch with one of our representatives so they can take a closer look into the transaction.


To get it touch with our Prepaid department, dial 1-800-575-9090. To reach an agent choose option 4 then option 4 again.  At the end of the information on how to contact Rogers, you will be given an option to speak with one of our agent (option 1).


Please let us know of the outcome!