How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

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Re: How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

Rmoroso, you can call the pay as you go customer service and speak to an agent who can put the cancellation request in for your account. once its cancelled you loose your account as well as phone number.

if you have a phone number people will remember and want to keep it, then you can "port" your number to another provider, this will automatically trigger a cancellation with rogers wireless so you do not have to contact them to cancel your account, but yes you lose any air time balance you have remaining

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Re: How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

@Rmoroso wrote:

Its understood a postpaid plan does have a monthly end date with no carry over where a pay-as-you-go does have a carry over. I realize that it is up to Roger's discretion what they do with my accumulated balance, but I was just hoping that they are good corporate citizens.

I agree with @57 and especially his #2 comment . 

I'm assuming from your comments that you have a bit of a balance ... Unless you stay with Rogers in some form that balance will likely be lost .  

Before you call in check out the monthly Pay go plans and see if there is anything there that even remotely suits your needs . At least them you could use up your balance .  I suspect that if your balance is sizeable   and with a bit of negotiation  if you switched to a monthly pay go plan you may not even have to add money on a monthly basis  and you could use up a bunch of that balance. 

Good Luck .


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Re: How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

If I cancel my Rogers prepaid account will I get a refund for the balance remaining? 

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Re: How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

@impala : It looks like your post was moved to this existing thread. As discussed here, if you go from Prepaid to Postpaid with Rogers, you may be able to transfer your balance. If leaving Rogers, you will not get any credit, so I suggest you use up your minutes. You may contact the PAYGo people as indicated below to confirm:

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Re: How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

This is FAR to complicated! Why don't you make the cancellation easier to access. It's all about customer service and user satisfaction - both not really the strength of Rogers 😞  One thing's for sure: due to being far too complicated, I won't ever use a Rogers Pay as you go again!

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Re: How to Cancel Pay as You Go Account?

Good morning @Dodson65,


Welcome to the Community :)!


We strive to ensure we're providing a good experience to all our customers. Have you had a chance to speak to our Pay as You Go team?


It's actually rather simple to get in touch with them, you can do so by calling in at 1-800-575-9090. After selecting the language in which you wish to continue, press 4, then press 4 again. At the end of the third menu, press 1 to reach an agent quickly.


Hope this helps!