need better coverage in Capreol Ontario

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need better coverage in Capreol Ontario

Earlier this year I heard that Rogers is supposed to be putting up a new tower around the Capreol Ontario area as we are currently getting poor service in our community.  Bell & Virgin customers don't seem to be having issues for example with dropped calls or having no service but we (Rogers customers) sure do.  Just wondering if we are going to be getting better service soon as I don't want to switch providers but may have to if this keeps happening.



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Re: need better coverage in Capreol Ontario

Paitence is key! Let me give you a fun fact, its a very huge process, so it will take a while for sure. It goes like this:


Require approval from CRTC (governs telco, TV, etc) -> Public hearing if they agree to have this tower to be built in that place -> Gets license from CRTC -> Build tower.


If CRTC dosent approve, or the majority of not agreeing for that cell tower in public hearing = will not have cell tower.


I hope you understand and have a little more paitence Smiley Happy

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Re: need better coverage in Capreol Ontario

The public hearings.. are often what KILLS the towers 😞

While everyone wants a better signal, etc...


NO ONE wants it in their backyard... you get groups of people going in and complaining it will give them cancer, etc..


And it gets rejected 😞

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Re: need better coverage in Capreol Ontario

Don't you just love that?  "I want better signal!  Oh wait, you need to put up more towers?  Heck no...not around my neighbourhood!"  There's no conclusive evidence that these towers cause any harm to our health, but yeah, it's difficult to explain that to the majority of these people 🙂  By the way, I heard that communications towers under 15m tall do not require the same type of CRTC approval.  I'm not sure if that's entirely true or what the specifics are, but I DO know that Rogers (Bell and Telus too) have been installing new towers at 14.9m 😉  I've been seeing a lot of these popping up all over the place.  The problem with that height (especially if there are a lot of obstructions in the area), is that you require a lot more towers for proper signal propegation and decent coverage.

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Resident Expert
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Re: need better coverage in Capreol Ontario

Yeah, those might only do kinda ok in citys where they can get them ontop of buildings, high enough, etc.

When your in a mostly RURUAL area.. thats not usually an option 😞