Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

We continue to receive errant network/cell coverage in the South end of Courtice/Oshawa. The specific location is Prestonvale and Bloor in Courtice. We have called before regarding this and we were assured the coverage is there. When confirming on the coverage map it appears there is a gap in this very area.


Telus and Bell clients (my neighbours and my fiancee) have no issues receiving phone calls. I on the otherhand, have to sit in a specific position just to ensure the phone call doesn't drop.


I want to know when this is going to be addressed as I am missing many calls and can't have quality conversations.

Ironically I still pay premium prices, for subpar service.



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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

I'm guessing that Rogers coverage expansion is managed around demand-based priorities... my suggestion to you - follow some of the threads on this forum (such as Wireless Network Upgrades in general support folders) which may provide you estimates of when the weak signal spot will be addressed
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

Thanks for that Smartswine. I checked the most recent upgrade list before posting and realized any updates were not being done in or around this area. I also searched for forums or threads regarding Durham Region as a whole, but found nothing. This is the main reason I titled the thread the way I did so that I could give some more exposure to this specific issue. If you have any ideas on how to better find ideas that may pertain to this specific area, please free to share. Do you know how often the upgrade list/charts are released?
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 103

Re: Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

this is a rather unofficial forum so I don't think your post can change anything... every telco executes its projects according to long term planning.. btw we are very lucky that at least some of those lists are published... but here's another idea for you - ask Rogers if domestic roaming can be added to your account as a feature
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

I am assuming that this pretty much is sharing with Bell or Telus?


Is this available while you are on Rogers?


I would have figured this would be something  for the new entrants? (Wind, Public, Mobilicity)


I appreciate the information.


I guess I don't feel fortunate to know this information, as I just think that this is a business, and not a courtesy. If your clients have challenges, provide proactive measures instead of reactive ones. 


I do see your point though as normally this would be held tight with Rogers, we would be left out of the loop.


Feel free to drop any other gems that you have.


Thanks again.



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Re: Wireless Coverage in Clarington/Courtice July 2014

Hello B-Jas

This forum is only Rogers based. It does not get shared with any other carrier if you mean that.

As for the information, Rogers & other carriers share the location they are improving / putting up towers & such but only limited information can be shared. The other big carriers have done this before as well so its not a Rogers thing either.

I agree with you but do remember all carriers do this. You can post this in the " IdeaBox" & see if this gets any attention or not. Its worth a try. The forums do have this unlike what the user above said. They can look into it & see if they will go ahead & approve it or leave it & what not.
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