Why still no cell service in some towns

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Why still no cell service in some towns

Still annoyed that Rogers can't even provide cell service in some towns in BC and parts of highways that Telus,bell and even other cell companies get service. I spent a week in lilloet bc with no service while all my family had telus and bell and they can make calls and use internet. But being a Rogers customer I could not use it at all and geting charged for it. They say they are this BIG cell company.. I call it when they provide a half . service
This is 2014 and you still can't get coverage All over BC



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Re: Why still no cell service in some towns

cell towers have to go through so much approval to get approved, some times communities lobby against putting up a cell tower, it happened in oakville, where the entire community was against a proposed fido cell tower, this was before fido was aquired by rogers, it was also made public this info because thats just how it works.   now rogers had a cell tower in the area already that the neighbourhood was protesting against, but the customers were complaining about the dead zone and wanted fido to fix it? how on earth could they fix it when the proposal was rejected by the community?   well the good news is once fido was aquired by rogers, tthey merged cell networks, and fido users were now allowed to access the rogers cell tower in oakville, so fido customers finally got signal, and the oakville community who opposed the origional proposal were dumbfounded, they also had no idea how aquisitions work and how merging of cell networks were impacting their proposal, so in the end, the community got cell access for fido without putting up a new tower, see its very difficult yo get towers, lots of people constantly oppose it.

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Re: Why still no cell service in some towns

Yeah, we ran into that up where i am as well (georgina ontario).

Ontop of that.. a big part of it comes down to $$, depending on where it is.
We are talking millions per tower.. mostly in getting the lines TO the location.


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Re: Why still no cell service in some towns

Hello @thriller 


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Community!


I know that you originally posted months ago, but I wanted to tell you about a service launched recently.


We've introduced Extended Coverage. It allows our customers access to our roaming partners’ networks for talk, text and data services across Canada outside of the Rogers network coverage area. When you enter an Extended Coverage area you will receive a welcome text message.There is no additional charge to access Extended Coverage areas. All usage (talk, text and data) while in an Extended Coverage area is charged as per your existing plan, just as if you were connected to our network.

You may need to turn on your data roaming on your phone in order to connect to the network, and you might experience a dropped call while entering an Extended Coverage area.


Your device will always connect to the Rogers network if it’s available. Delivering the most advanced wireless technologies to Canadians in both rural and urban locations is important to us. We will continue to build out our network and partner with other providers in areas where it makes sense for our customers.


Thanks again for the feedback!



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Re: Why still no cell service in some towns

I know this is a long time after but why doesnt extended coverage work for prepaid plans? because i now live in a place where i have no cell service at all and i would not like to buy a whole new phone when mine is perfectly good.