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Weird Network Issue and was wondering if anyone can help?

I'm here a lot
This is a weird issue and was just wondering if anyone has experienced it or know anything about this issue and can help me with it.
Opened a case with Rogers and got an email it's resolved but with no details but it clearly isn't resolved, so I created another case number.
My phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) all of a sudden not getting data or text messages on 5G or LTE but it's only an issue when I'm home, if it connected to 3G then data and text works fine.
Here's the troubleshooting I tried myself:
- Data and Texting Works on 3G
- Doesn't work on LTE or 5G
- Works if the SIM is in another phone but unfortunately I don't have another 5G phone to test, but my sim also works on another phone
- Doesn't work when I put another Rogers sim in my phone and again I don't have another 5G phone to test, but all the SIMs work on phones with LTE
- Works if I manually select Rogers-EXT but I can only get LTE
- Works if I leave my house
- Seams there is only 1 tower near my area and I believe it's an Eastlink tower
- Noticed that it stopped working on Tuesday June 22
- Tried all the normal stuff like reset network settings, reboot, and don't want to really wipe if I don't have to
Has anyone seen this weird behavior and is there anything else I can try, if I can get some help that would be great.
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Re: Weird Network Issue and was wondering if anyone can help?


Greetings @Jeff146!


If swapping another known working SIM card into this phone doesn't resolve the issue, there's potentially multiple causes for this.


I'm curious, do you find that you're on EXT a lot at your home location? It's possible that this is either a hardware issue, a local tower issue or your access has been limited due to using EXT more than 50% of the time.


Regardless, we can investigate this matter for you in full. Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: Weird Network Issue and was wondering if anyone can help?

No I have never been on EXT at home. I'm pretty sure it's a local tower issue but it doesn't seem like there's been any movement as I created two cases and one of them was closed without them notifying what they did but it didn't resolve the issue.


I have PMed but at this point I'm willing to try anything but I would rather not wipe especially when it seems to be only 1 tower and getting frustrating when I'm not able to use my phone especially at home.



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