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Unable to roam outside Quebec

I've Been Around

Consistent issue as soon as I leave the province. 5 bars but no network connection. My iPad has no issues. But my Galaxy s5 is where the problem lies. What's frustrating is being charged for roaming on the s5 but not being able to use it. I can make calls but no data. As soon as I get back to Quebec it works.


No I do not want to buy a new phone. I do want to solve this. 


Any and all help appreciated.




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Re: Unable to roam outside Quebec

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @bdavids!


Welcome to the community!


Getting service outside of your province shouldn't be an issue for sure as we have coverage across a great deal of Canada. Can you confirm for us if you're staying within the country and are unable to get service? Or if you're leaving the country and are unable to get service?

Also, any specific towns/locations where you're unable to receive service would be helpful.