Toronto Subway Service

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Toronto Subway Service

When can we expect Rogers to start wireless service on the subway?
Customers do not always realize what they want. So why not be one of the first ones to do so.
Thousands of people take the subway everyday, including me. We are all waiting in anticipation - when we will reach out from the tunnel to connect with the world.
I would like Rogers to help us connect with the digital world when we are underground. It will definitely make my mornings more productive while waiting to get to my location. And I am certain other subway users will appreciate too. 
Hope Rogers shows interest in expending it's network underground in Toronto tunnels. 

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Re: Toronto Subway Service

Hello @h_noor

Unfortunately not anytime soon. Wind is the first one in Toronto that has won the contract to have their services working under in the TTC in some subway stations. Rogers Could enable this but I do believe this is limited to Wind customers only at this moment. Rogers would have to work along side with Wind, the Toronto BAI and TTC. TTC says that other carriers can join BUT Wind seems to have exclusive rights to this for the time being. It's only limited to subway station at this time. Read more on Google. They have all the sites that will show you this. Some i posted below

From Wind

" TTC underground service

June, 2015

WIND Mobile becomes the first and only mobile carrier to provide underground coverage in Toronto TTC subway stations"

From Mobilesyrup

" While the initial rollout was limited to a few stations, Wind Mobile and BAI Canada, the subsidiary of the Australian network operator that won the $25 million bid to build out and provide wireless service to the TTC, expanded to 15 stations within a month, including Spadina, Museum, Queen’s Park, Osgoode, St. Patrick, St. Andrew, Union, King, Queen, Dundas, College, Wellesley, St. George, Bloor-Yonge and Bay"
From TTC

" Cellular Coverage In Our Stations
Cellular-capable infrastructure is being installed alongside the TCONNECT Wi-Fi network across the subway system by BAI Canada. When wireless carriers activate their service on our network, riders will be able to make and receive calls, as well as send text messages within stations. Currently, more than 30 stations in the system are cellular-ready. Please check External link opens in new window for more details and updates.

In June 2015, WIND Mobile became the first wireless service provider to activate their service on our network. Since then, WIND Mobile customers have been enjoying cell service at many TTC stations. BAI Canada and WIND Mobile continue to work together to extend WIND’s cellular coverage across the network.

The cellular infrastructure is built-in to the wireless network and fully capable of allowing cellular connectivity from all major service providers in Toronto"
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Re: Toronto Subway Service

I have been asking a number of Fido Stores about this for the last year.  I receive all kinds of replies - WIND is exclusive, Bell doesnt work either, we are not interested etc.


I looked into this by calling the TTC and reading online.


It seems to be very straightforward.  Rogers seems to be working with Bell/Telus on not going in there.  Wind is not exclusive.  I switched to Freedom Mobile a month ago.  It bugs me when I walk by Ted Rogers way on Bloor to get on the subway that this once great Toronto company seems to have lost its way.



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Re: Toronto Subway Service


At the time Wind aka Freedom Mobile was granted exclusive rights for it ( 90 days or so). After that any carrier was able to jump in it but unfortunately none of them have done so as there is some sort of agreement issue I believe going on and Wind aka Freedom Mobile was given a huge contract for it.

Now is it going to come later? Who knows. The future holds anything but as of right now unfortunately the only carrier is Freedom Mobile that can do this.
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Re: Toronto Subway Service

Can Rogers Extended Coverage help here?


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Re: Toronto Subway Service

Another year has passed. How about it Rogers? You can contract with BAI. You can build your own. Please don’t tell us instead that you will sit on your hands and do nothing.
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Re: Toronto Subway Service

Hey @witek!


We appreciate the post! 👍


Many of us (including myself) use our devices to stay connected to what and who we love, so it's not surprising that we'd want to stay connected anywhere and everywhere! I agree that having access to your cellular services while taking the subway would be a pretty cool feature, no doubt! Not to mention, convenient!! 😏


We’re focused on delivering a reliable, worry-free network for our customers and are considering all options as we continue to invest in our network this coming year.


Please stay tuned to the Rogers Community Forums and for any updates!


Thank you!