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SIP setup by Rogers

I've Been Here Awhile

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. The most common applications of SIP are in Internet telephony for voice and video calls, as well as instant messaging, over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.


Is Rogers offers this service, ?

Or it refered  to it as ROGERS SIP??

I,m looking to order this service for my cleint in Aurora, Ontario L4G 6H8 






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Re: SIP setup by Rogers

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The SIP/ALG is enabled on the Hitron modems, which in the vast majority of cases is a definite problem.  There are apparently different interpretations of the implementation of SIP, so, just from observation of the cases here, you need to forward the SIP data from the host company's server to the end client device, without it being corrupted in any fashion by the modem. 


Rogers has taken a hard line in this particular case and will not, in any way, shape or form, assist users with this unless you pay $69.99 for Techxpert service for approx 5 seconds or less of work to disable the SIP/ALG on the modem.  Once that is done, you have to store a backup file for the modem to use in the event of a power interruption for the modem.  The modem does not store this setting for some reason, so, if you don't have a backup file to restore the modem settings, you will be left with the SIP/ALG enabled on the modem, which will disable your VOIP service, ie: back at square one. 


Your best approach is to buy a good router with external antenna and gigabit WAN and LAN ports, which will give you complete access to all of the router settings.  Run the router in full router mode and run the modem in Bridge mode.  You will be able to disable the router's SIP/ALG setting at will, allowing the VOIP devices to operate as they should. 

Re: SIP setup by Rogers

I've Been Here Awhile

Thnaks for respond

Re: SIP setup by Rogers

I've Been Here Awhile

"buy a good router with external antenna and gigabit WAN and LAN ports"

What Model Number you would recomend at this case ?

Thnaks in advance


Re: SIP setup by Rogers

@igoldfarb54, here is my short list for now:


Lower cost range:

Asus AC1200 RT-AC55U   Canadacomputers price currently $114.99
TP-Link AC1750 C7 Archer   This is currently on sale at and for $99

Mid Cost Range:

Asus AC1750 RT-AC66U   Canadacomputers price currently $189.99
Asus AC1900 RT-AC68U   Canadacomputers price currently $235.00
Netgear AC1900 R7000   Canadacomputers price currently $189.00

Do not consider the RT-AC87U due to issues with wifi connectivity dropping out.

High cost Range:    Tri-Band wifi routers

ASUS AC3200 RT-AC3200   Canadacomputers price currently $279.00  On Sale
TP-LINK AC3200 Archer C3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit


I'm working on a longer version response that I'll send via pm which will address some of the technical nitty gritty's.  I run an Asus RT-AC68U, as do several other forum members and have never had any issues with it, so, very happy with its performance.

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