Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Hello @Rayg


I am very sorry to hear about the troubles you are experiencing. I understand the frustrationSmiley Sad


We would like to assist by escalating your case to our Network Team for further review.


I will have a member of our @CommunityHelps team reach out to you via private message. Please check your inbox.



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Re: Rogers-EXT Implementation

Thanks for the reply.  I must say that I have not received a Text notice in a few days so if that has been fixed hooray and thanks!  


Now if we can only get Support agents not to belittle or dismiss what is happening, escalate issues properly and return calls when they primise to, I won't have to resort to these kinds of posts to ensure something is done about a problem.  




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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

I was actually very excited about the EXT program. I was finally getting half decent reception in my area. I've been with Rogers ever since I moved back to Canada, and I know I won't be in this particular area forever, so I really don't want to change carriers. But because I have my 5, so I can talk to the rest of my family spread from sea to shining sea, I can't carry on with EXT without paying for it? I live in a semi isolated community!!!! I am being punished for being a loyal customer, at least that's how it feels.
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Hello @jms1963,


As explained in your original post here; There is no fee or charge to use the Extended Network.


I suggest reviewing the Extended Network: FAQ's here.




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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible


Looking at the FAQ.. it says that anyone with my5 (or similar calling circle type things) are not eligible.


I think that is what they are talking about.

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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

I beleive I'm having the same issue when I'm at the cottage. I have gotten the sms messages, and the -ext signal strenght was much better than before, but for some reason it seemed to flip between 5 bars and 0 or 1, probably when using -ext vs not using it. I haven't gotten good reception lately at all though, but I'm only there on weekends so unable to test much.

Has the issue described here been investigated further? Any developments? I'm in Quebec and suspect the -ext service is provided by a Bell antenna...

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

The fix is actually quiet the opposite.

If you switch the network to manual and chose NOT rogers. You will Get RogersEXT.
Because you'll be not connected to in-house network that is weak but instead RogersEXT network which is our partnership network shared. - Directed to OP of this topic.

As long as you are not on their network ALL the time. You can use RogersEXT
(In otherwords, you still use rogers network when you are in town or not at the cottage ect....)

However, I would HIGHLY ... HIGHLY.. suggest Wilson Booster - Consumer Version - External Weatherproof.
It will make your problem go away immediately... Unless you are shrouded by Trees, then no network technology can help you because trees act like mirrors, they reflect network signal against or within favor depending on mother natures mood (uncontrolable).

That is my two cent in this, of course.

it could be Bell, it could be other providers. Quebec has a lot of little guys that team up so I assume it may not be Bell but rather a local provider.

The Issue here is understanding how network works and what to do to make it work. OP sounds like he's at the border of this whole thing. Wilson booster, or manually choosing RogersEXT would be a solution.
The most you can do beyond this, is call tech - file a troubleticket, and if enough marginal coverage is reported by users. They send someone to tweak the tower with whatever technical stuff they can; this takes months and is not a guarantee that it will fix all uses issue.


Edit: Grammar fixed. (I think)

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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Thanks for trying ShakTib.  


When I turn off Automatic Carrier setting in IPhone.  I get 2 Rogers-Ext carriers.  When I select either one I get "no service "and then a message that the Network Lost.  Your selected cellular network is no longer available.  You can choose a different network in settings.  The other one is  named like 300-500 


Also was your suggestion to manually change my carrier settings everytime I go home?  If so that is nto acceptable.

Yes I am in a forest but its not that thick and maybe a booster like you suggest would do teh trick.  How much are these things?


Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Yea Manual change of network would be 100% hassle, I bet.
On the positive side, that didn't even work so no hassle! lol

Wilson Booster can go up to $250 for consumer. It all depends on HOW you want to set it up, you can look at best buy for model types to see how they work but I recommend buying from wholesaler/warehouse/commercial sites (they sell consumer too), but don't buy from RETAIL because of the mark-up on price. I recommend researching it.
There is no need for commercial model unless you have acres of land you want coverage for (those are in $ thousands $, so investment is worth it IF you need it)

Wilson booster is a name brand in this field of market. So there are other brands out there. I don't know it, because I am a sucker for Wilson Boosters only.

Good Luck.
May the Odds be ever in your favour.
(Trust me, this is a mission you want to research first)
Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

It also depends on your plan type, there are alot of plans that EXT coverage is not compatible with. Do you have a plan with My5 or My10 in it. If you do those plans were excluded from EXT coverage as they have incompatible features that were originally tested during the beta phase but since it had been found they have issues, they were excluded from getting EXT coverage.  I would make sure if you want EXT coverage to check with customer services to make sure your plan is 100% compatible with Externded coverage. Remember just because you see the EXT networks, does not guarantee you can connect to it.


Just a thought 🙂