Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

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Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Thought this would be good and its simply a disaster for me because Rogers-ext comes in and out at my house. I get several texts a day telling me about this wonderful New service and jump from the old crappy Rogers signal to 4 bars of Roger-ext back to horrible all day long.  Idea is good but Implementation is horrible for users at home in an zone with weak signal.  Plus after calls to support they won't listen or do anything about it.



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Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

are you referring to Extended coverage????? 


If so I found this.. maybe it holds the explanation as to what is happening... 

The link to this page is below if you wants to see all of it....


How will the experience be different within the Extended Coverage area?

Your device will always connect to the Rogers network if it’s available. Once you’re within an Extended Coverage area, the signal strength may vary and you may experience slower data speeds. A few enhanced features may not be available, including:

  • Name Display
  • Phone Finder
  • 411 Directory Assistance Call Completion
  • #’s and short codes
  • Some advanced features while using Rogers One Number™
  • N11 codes:
    • 211 Community Information
    • 311 Non-Emergency Municipal Government
    • 511 Weather & Traveller Information
    • 711 Access to Message Relay Service (MRS) by the deaf
    • 811 Non-urgent Health Teletriage Services


If you’re on a call when you enter an Extended Coverage area, the call will drop. Once you seeEXT appear on your device screen, you can call back to complete your call.

Please note that Rogers and our roaming partners may, without notice, change networks or geographical coverage areas. Rogers is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of any disruptions or outages to Extended Coverage, or as a result of any changes to Extended Coverage areas.

What are the usage limitations of Extended Coverage?

Extended Coverage is meant to provide additional coverage to our customers in areas they sometimes travel to. It’s intended to be used occasionally and the majority of your monthly usage (talk, text and data) must occur on the Rogers network. If the majority of your monthly usage occurs within Extended Coverage areas, we may restrict or limit your access to Extended Coverage on an ongoing basis.


 Extended coverage FAQ's

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

I know what the implementation is!   Your answer is not an answer.  I am not mobile when this happens I am at HOME!


SO I have zero control over this nuisance which IS WHAT I AM COMPLAINING ABOUT.  And I may not be the only one.  Best response is doing something Rogers!


I just know they didn't think this part of the implementation (thinking about mobile roaming in and out of semi-dead zones.  But what if you live in one?   What can you do to make your phone stick with ext until rogers signal is high enough (i.e. not switching back to Rogers when its still under 1 bar!!!)


I would appreciate escalations (as calling support got me nothing) and having someone technical respond with a possible solution or ETA for a solution and not some pre-packaged response aimed only at obfuscating the issue.  


Its a settings issue somewhere (tolerences) either on network or phone side.


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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

This is a USER to USER forum.. if you want your concern escalated then you will have to call into Rogers if not resolved then you can try online to office of president (link below)... I know you didn't have success with tech support... 


share a concern

Sorry it wasn't the answer you were looking for.. However it does explain some of the limitations...


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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

@Rayg ,


An option you could look at on your device would be to turn your Network Settings to Manual and then choose Rogers as the Network.


This way the device is not set to Automatic, and therefore will not flip between the stronger of the two available networks; always staying with Rogers.




Rogers Employee EhmTeeEhf
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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Have you considered Rogers One Number, it allows you to make free wifi calling when in a wifi area. I believe this might help when your signal indoors isn't allowing you to stay connected. I have personal experience living in an area where my signal is low indoors. It works great and is a free service.



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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible




I understand this is a frustrating issue for you, however the community members have given you some great advice here. If these solutions aren't helping you, you would need to give more details about your situation; you can start with the questions I asked in this post.

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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

How do we turn off the Ext sms messages...they come in everytime it switches from Rogers to Ext. And in areas we're service is not great....we get these messages constantly....

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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

Hi @eunicetoo


Have you tried changing your carrier settings to "manual" instead of "automatic"?


Hope this helps.



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Re: Rogers-ext implementation is horrible

It happens in and around the house and we constantly get the messages that is switching over.  THAT is the part that needs to change.  I;ve been waiting 10 years to get beter signal from Rogers and this is an acceptable alternative so long as we a not constantly bombarded by notifications that the network has switched.  Surely you can see its the implementation that needs to be adjusted by Rogers.  


I'm not alone and this is not a trivial issue.  I'd like to have someone from Rogers say they escalated and that is really the shame here not the fact I have not responded to some of the work arounds.  


The Rogers ext implemnentation is not suited to customers who live on the signal fringe.  Can you do the math as to how many customers that are being inconvenienced instead of thrilled by this new development.


That is the message takeway to Rogers management and engineering.  Plus how hard is it to tell the Messaging component to stop sending notifications after the first 50!!!!!!