Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

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Re: Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

Hello @zbign1


What you pasted is an automated message from our ticketing system. Our Techs will place notes within the actual ticket, when you call in the agent can review the notes and provide the details. Has this been done yet?



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Re: Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

zbign1, my situation and experience was similar to yours but I eventually got it solved.


I also live in a rural area. Cellular is my only viable option for internet and I have a marginal signal. I too was with Bell for several years and switched to Rogers for their Heavy Use Flex Plan.


My service was great for months and then became unusable for long periods last December. I was using a non-Rogers Huawei router because I needed an external antenna, which Rogers did not offer when I signed up. When I signed up I was told I would have limited support with the non-Rogers router. So after three calls of trouble-shooting where they blamed my equipment I did further research and found Rogers new MF276R router which accepted an external antenna.


To eliminate the non-Rogers hub argument I purchased a Rogers MF275R. It worked, but not as well as the Huawei. However, I still got long periods without service.


I did more trouble-shooting and supplied Rogers with more information as to steps I had taken and why I thought it was a Rogers problem:

1. I used PingPlotter to illustrate when service was unusable
2. I limited my connection to one computer
3. I hard-wired that computer to the hub rather than use Wifi
4. I gave them signal readings in dBm
5. I gave them my address and described the terrain between me and the tower BUT I later found I was assuming the wrong location for the tower.


On my first four calls I requested a call back from 2nd-level support so we could investigate my erratic service. I explained nothing had changed and my signal levels had not changed, yet I was getting periods when the service was unusable. There was also a pattern to unusable times. They seemed to be mid-morning, mid afternoon, and early evening.


I never did get 2nd level call backs for the first four calls. Finally, on the fifth call 2nd level did call me. His first inclination had been to simply close the call because their equipment looked fine and others were not complaining. However, seeing the information I had provided he called to discuss it.


The first thing I discovered was my signal came from a different tower than what I assumed. I incorrectly a visible tower as one on a ridge east of Vernon BC. Instead, I connect to one in the Valley in Vernon BC. The tower I thought was serving me is blocked by an intervening ridge, and it is on that ridge I could see a tower. However, that tower only serves the Silver Star ski hill and has no antenna feeding in my direction.


At first I did not believe I made that mistake. However, the support person was easily able to find my connection on the valley tower by searching for the phone number associated with my hub. He could also read the signals for my connection.


Again, he said the signals looked fine. But he was just looking at the current signals, which were OK right then. When I discussed the pattern of outages he said it could be interference or failing equipment. He then mentioned that one receive signal appeared to have an out of spec reading at times. They must have found something because my service went back to normal a day or two later.


The 2nd level support person gave me other good advice. He recommended a second external antenna, which is required for true LTE. I purchased a WirEng YagiRef2-QLP and it doubled my speed. You can see more details in these posts:


I am 31 km from the cell tower. The above posts show the speed and signal improvements I got with the dual LTE antennas. There is another Rogers tower 5 km from me but it is blocked by a huge hill and gets no signal. The posts also have links to some other good information.


This youtube video:


....explains why LTE needs two antennas. The same person has more interesting videos about antennas in his series.


I think your best chance for getting service is to ask for a contact with 2nd-level support. They are the ones who can see exactly what is going on with your service. They can see which tower you are connecting to and signal levels.


Although there are three towers near you, they may not all serve your area. You can check details on the Canadian Cellular Towers Map here:


If you click on a tower it will show the heights, frequencies AND direction of the antennas.


Try to provide details when you ask for 2nd-level support help. Give them your address, signal levels (from the MF275R Information screen), and patterns, if any, to data slowdowns. When the 2nd level support person contacted me, he had already found my location on Google Earth and could see the land contours and trees, etc. Google Earth Pro's Path feature will actually draw a terrain profile between you and the tower.


Normal first level support do not have the tools to access information required for real trouble-shooting like you are experiencing. I think you need to keep trying to get help from 2nd-level support.


Good luck.

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Re: Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

I have called several times. This has been going on for weeks. This last reply from rogers is one of many. I have stated my issue. I have gone through tech. I have been offered no solution. I have  been decieved by your marketing. The simple fact is I was told I can recieve LTE signal at my home but I cannot. Rogers does not advertise that you must be within 3KM of a tower to recieve LTE signal. I,m pretty confident I could pick up the phone today and call anyone of your repersentatives and be told I can get LTE at my home. You are advertising something that is not true and unless you can come up with a solution I will continue to educate the public on this deception. I will not be calling. I will wait until Rogers calls me. I have wasted too much time on this already. Your customer service people have the vendor/ customer relationship backwards.

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Re: Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

I bought an iPhone 6s through Rogers under contract and in my area there is unreliable service on LTE and 36.  I initially thought it was the construction of my roof but came to learn after I bought an expensive Wilson repeater that the Rogers service was still unreliable a one bar in and around my home.   Then I discovered that Bell coverage in my area, street and house is much better at 5 bars.  Those of my family that could upgrade did however I am stuck with no service in and around my home.  When I contacted Rogers I was told about the LTE in the area and it was covered but clearly it is not.


When will there be another repeater or upgrade in the area of Main/Carp road in Stittsville?

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Re: Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

Respectfully this is about being lied to by Rogers representatives. I own a new Rocket hub. I was told I could receive LTE signal by several different representatives and I cannot. I do not live in a city. I live rural and the tower I receive signal from is 5 km away.

In summary, I went to rogers following their advertizing. I did research and called, chatted online, and spoke with several representatives in various retail outlets. We all did a location search of my Home and all declared I would receive LTE signal.

Bottom line? I was deceived by Rogers advertising. I purchased a product from untrained and uninformed Rogers staff and I am now stuck with a contract. I am a completely unsatisfied customer. No one from rogers has contacted me with anykind of compensation for this poor service I have experienced.

The worst part is I cannot discontinue my service. Its all there is.

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Re: Rogers LTE coverage map is wrong in Stittsville

FWIW, your service will probably improve when the leaves are off the trees. Also, Bell does offer comparable heavy use mobile internet plans now if you're finding they have a better signal at your place.