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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Frequencies


I recently bought a new phone online after doing extensive research and making sure that it would work on the Rogers network. I got the phone and it was everything I expected it to be till I discovered that it cannot connect to the 3G, 4G or LTE network so I contacted Rogers and they said basically that the frequency of the device does not match the network. The device I bought is called  OUKITEL K10. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Rogers Frequencies

Hello @Paulch,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I would be pretty disappointed if I purchased a device that fit all of my needs only to find out that it is not supported by my Wireless network.


I have done some research on that specific device and it looks like it is only compatible with 1 of 9 possible 4G Bands, 0 of 3 possible 3G Bands and 2 of 2 possible 2G Bands in Canada. The B7 (2600 MHz) Band is the only 4G Band that it is compatible with that is also compatible with Rogers Network. Regrettably, this Band is only available in select markets. With this device only compatible with 3 out of 14 possible frequency Bands 2 of which being limited to 2G, it's safe to say that this device is not optimally designed for use on Canadian Wireless Networks.


It is important to check to see if a device will be compatible with the Frequency Bands of the country/provider you plan to be using it with. Please click the following link to see which Frequency Bands are compatible with the Rogers Network.


The B2(1900 MHz) and B5 (850 Mhz) is supported by Rogers on both 2G and 3G networks.


The B4 (1700/2100 MHz), B7 (2600 MHz) and B17 (700 MHz) are supported by Rogers on the LTE Network with  B4 (1700/2100 MHz) being the Main LTE Band providing complete coverage.


Please see below for the Frequency Bands compatible with the Oukitel K10:


4G LTE - B1 (2100 MHz), B3 (1800 MHz), B7 (2600 MHz), B8 (900 MHz), B20 (800 MHz)
3G - B1 (2100 MHz), B8 (900 MHz)
2G - B2 (1900 MHz), B3 (1800 MHz), B5 (850 MHz), B8 (900 MHz)


At this point, you're rather limited in your options to use this device to connect to the Wireless network in Canada but it can be used as a WiFi device. I know this may not be the answer you wanted to hear... =(




I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Rogers Frequencies

Thank you soo much for your reply I really appreciate your time and info and will have to act on this info by trying to return the item, thanks again