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Re: Rogers Frequencies

Good day @Dontknowalot,


It would be my pleasure to help you shed some light on this. Smiley Wink


While we cannot assure you that you get access to our LTE network, and that we can unfortunately not guarantee the functionality of a non-Rogers device, we do have the 1900 MHz spectrum nationally and it should be compatible with the phone you are looking to purchase.


You should therefore have the ability to use the device in question (see GSM & LTE 1900 bands), as it should technically work on the Rogers network. 





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Re: Rogers Frequencies

Hello RogersMaude,

Thank you very much for the help. Have a great day!

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Re: Rogers Frequencies

Would anyone know if the new Microsoft Lumia 550 will work on the Rogers Network? The tech specs say it takes a Nano SIM. Thanks.

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Re: Rogers Frequencies

I bought a Redmi 2 from Hong Kong. After I inserted the Roger's sim card, the phone can idenify the sim card and phone number but no service. The Redmi 2 uses the following frequencies:


4G: Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz) and Band 8 (900 MHz)

3G: WCDMA (900/2100 MHz)

2G: GSM (900/1800 MHz)


How can I make the phone work?



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Re: Rogers Frequencies

G'day @jjkwai,


4G: Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz) and Band 8 (900 MHz) <-- Rogers has partial coverage for Band 7, 2600
3G: WCDMA (900/2100 MHz) <-- Rogers has 850 and 1900
2G: GSM (900/1800 MHz) <-- Rogers has 850 and 1900


Basically the bad news is this device will not likely work on the Rogers network except in select locations where the 2600 LTE band is working and then it will only work for data. The LTE network is a data network unless you have one of a select few devices that support VoLTE.  Even then, the VoLTE will not be as consistent as you'd expect from the 3G/GSM network. 


It is important to choose a device that supports 850/1900 3G as well as 2600 LTE. That said, your best bet is to have a device that supports 1700 LTE for the best coverage.

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Re: Rogers Frequencies



Looking at the specifications of the device, it should be compatible.


You may find this web page useful: 

Will my unlocked mobile device work with the Rogers network?


A friendly reminder that although it may be compatible on our network, we cannot guarantee the functionality of a non-Rogers device.



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Re: Rogers Frequencies

I plan to buy a Sony Z5 Premium


UMTS HSPA+ 850 (Band V), 900 (Band VIII), 1900 (Band II),
AWS-1(Band IV), 2100 (Band I) MHz
GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 20, 38, 39, 40, 41)


Will the phone work on Rogers' 4G network?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Rogers Frequencies



After reviewing the specifications of your Sony Z5 Premium, it appears that it may be compatible with our network. That device should work on GSM at 850mhz and 1900mhz and 4G FDD LTE Band 7 (2600 mhz) where available.


Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the functionality of a non-Rogers device.


For any further questions please feel free to view this useful page, Will my unlocked mobile device work with the Rogers network?


Hope this helps!



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Re: Rogers Frequencies



I jsut want to know if my One plus X will work on the Rogers Network.  The phone has 4G LTE capabilities.  Are you able to confirm that the LTE will work.  I have read conflicting info that it might or might not work




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Re: Rogers Frequencies

@kooleeoh looking at the OnePlus X specs, the wireless band look to support Rogers 3G/4G (HSPA+) networks and some LTE bands -- from my knowledge, it looks good.


OnePlus X Frequencies:

GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
WCDMA: Bands 1/2/4/5/8
FDD-LTE: Bands 1/2/4/5/7/8