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Re: Rogers-EXT addon Recommendation

EXT Coverage Shut Off!


Hey Everyone!

Got a phone called that I was getting shut off from my EXT coverage. YAY thanks Rogers for taking my 230$ average a month money and make a incredible profit out of it! I'm sure Rogers communications was not making a big profit out of me anymore so they decided to cut me off! Now I don't have any communication with my wife and kids until I get back to a wifi spot. I'm a many years member but no solution was offered with me when they called me. Good thing my contract is almost done soon so I can change to another provider. I'm sure when I come back to my next 20/8 days shift I won't have a phone that has coverage anymore. This is the first time I had some problem with Rogers and said many good things about them in the past. I knew this ext was a to good to be true deal. If you have ext coverage and stay there for a long period time for work or other, make sure to have a provider that is covered!

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Re: Rogers-EXT addon Recommendation

When I read this thread, whether it is in the right place or not, I am not sure that the original poster, or subsequent posters looking for questions answered are getting directly addressed on their issue.


In my reading, what I see is a question -


Rogers offers extended coverage across Canada for those times when we are out of the Rogers coverage area through agreements with the other carriers.


But for some, they are finding that they being restricted (or cut of from its use), due to them making their calls in the extended coverage the majority of the time.


The example of the person whose wife is in good Rogers coverage, while he works long and many hours in an extended area is an excellent example.  When he receives calls from his wife, or makes calls to his wife while at work, they are all going to be in extended coverage.


The wording from the support document

is as follows:



What are the usage limitations of Extended Coverage?

Extended Coverage is meant to provide additional coverage, outside of the Rogers network.  It’s available for most Rogers postpaid wireless customers (excluding Wireless Home Phone, Wireless Business Phone, Rocket Hub, prepaid and zone-based or calling circle plans such as My5/10 and MY1/2/5 enterprise business plans) in areas they sometimes travel to. It’s intended for occasional use; the majority of your monthly usage (talk, text and data) must occur on the Rogers network. If the majority of your monthly usage occurs within Extended Coverage areas, we may restrict or limit your access to Extended Coverage on an ongoing basis.


These are the usage restrictions, I believe the posters are describing that led to them having access to extended coverage restricted.


For these people, they really only have one answer as Rogers has no add-ons, or plans that permit you to be in these areas for a majority of the time (note the word may restrict or limit), so maybe this is negotiatable, but I suspect that based upon the original and subsequant posters, they have reached an amount where there extended coverage has been restricted.


I have a couple of questions that are not clear though - if you are roaming in those areas once the restriction occurs, can you still make calls, but pay roaming charges, or are you out of luck.  Can it be turned back on.  The policy does not talk to these scenarios at all.


The most honest answer in all of these related threads has been the following - if you have poor Rogers coverage and are ended up on extended coverage often, then you probably have only one choice - move that phone to another company.  But here in lies the challenge - when his hours are different, he may now be in Rogers territory and able to fully use his services with his wife.  When he returns to the extended area, is his restricted access still in place,, and given the circumstances, he will probably be confronted by it again.




The whole situation, although great in principle is basically unworkable when you have sparce distance between towers of two companies, even though you may live close to each other.  I don't see any good solution to it, other than companies considering including some kind of roaming charge that is reasonable, like Roam Like Home model.


And finally, I am not even sure why in the first response, Roam like home was even mentioned, as the question had nothing to do with the issue.


I find the questions very clear and understandable, but no reasonable solution has been  provided that I can see.


So in summary - how do you monitor how much air time you have spent on extended? So you can monitor and manage that calling feature.

What are the best solutions when you live in a situation where Rogers has poor service on one side of town and say you work on the other, so what do you do, sit down and figure out where you will spend your most time in each area and decide what carrier you will have the phone on?


And before anywone says, I have never experienced, it, we have been looking at houses in the Cobourg, Belliville, Brighton areas, and Rogers coverage in those areas is very sparce, but I can get a Bell signal anywhere, so if we decide to move, it will be by by Rogers.  We will even have to think about where we choose a house based upon signal, but in that area, it is unlikely to be Bell.  And that issue exists in all of those small towns along highway two along eastern Lake Ontario.  If you are close to the 401, you will have more luck as there is lots of coverage there, but not as you move north or south from there.


So, let's be honest in the answers to these people - they are caught between a rock and a hard place - they are getting their extended coverage restricted because they happen to live in a spot where they have Rogers near their home, but not where they work.


When I visit my relatives in Havelock area, we have the same issue - Rogers tower on one end, Bell on the other, and fortunately we don't have to deal with roaming charges but for those who live and work in the town it is a nightmare.


Kind of like the problem of living on the boarder and catching US towers.  They will set an override for people in this situation.  How about a similiar model for those in the extended coverage areas where there just is not a solid Rogers signal.


Solution often is go Bell or other carrier towers.



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