Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

If the ship had it's own cell tower, I would imagine I would have had service for the whole voyage down the eastern seaboard, but I didn't. Once I lost service, I put my phone in airplane mode, as well as during the "at sea" days, because I assumed I wouldn't have coverage AND if I did have coverage, I didn't want to be charged the Roam Like Home fees. I only wanted access when I was in port.


That being said, I shouldn't have to search through forum posts to see if there are any fees, I'd be charged for that weren't mentioned on the main site.

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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

Strange. I assumed all the cruise ships had their own cell phone towers for coverage. Oh well, that's my bad.


I will agree with you it isn't something that you should have to search for. I just find it odd that the agent wouldn't have mentioned that if you specifically stated you were going on a cruise ship.

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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

Why can't Rogers negotiate like Verizon and other non-Canadian carriers?  Here is the cruise ship info for Verizon for the Holland America line:


Holland America Zuiderdam
International Pay As You Go
  • Pay only when you use your device.

Only pay for what you use during your trip abroad. Additional data charges apply for multimedia messages sent while outside the US. To prevent high data charges, we recommend subscribing to the International Data Plan if you plan to send multimedia messages (MMS) while traveling outside the US.

Holland America Zuiderdam
$0.50/message sent
$0.05/message received
$0.25/MMS message sent
$0.25/MMS message received
$0.002 per KB or $2.05 per MB
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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

Very useful information!

Two additional questions:
1. If you are using a wifi enable tablet that is not connected to a Rogers account, how would they bill your Rogers account?
2. Is it charged in US funds and then converted on my bill?


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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea


Hello, @Alisonh


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for joining and posting your queries in the Community. In your scenario, you would directly purchase the Internet service from the cruise ship and connect your WiFi enabled tablet. Hope this helps. 




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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

I suppose that this information is now on the Rogers website, but the rep, in this case, did say "In the Bahamas".  On a cruise ship is not "in the Bahamas" it is on a maritime services provider which uses satellite.  


I have seen the mention that the "ships bill rogers etc".  Actually the "ships" employ various maritime carriers, and depending upon that carriers' agreement with rogers, the bills are determined.  I have noticed that some US carriers have far cheaper packages on ships than the Canadian carriers, so there is some room for negotiation.  Make sure on a boat that you have roaming turned off on your cell phone so that you don't mistakenly connect to the ship cell tower rather than the ship wi fi...

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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

It's about time Rogers started making some deals with RCI etc, a little cheaper than what they charge!

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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea



I guess what I am asking is.... When the boat is parked at Port (example mexico)


If you choose to stay on the boat all day and not get off the physical boat....but u have roam from home. will u get charged roaming fees

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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

Hello @Kimbo0614,


Welcome to the Community and congratulations on your first post! 👍


When it comes to roaming while on a cruise ship when it is docked or tendered at a foreign port, how you are charged will really depend on which signal your device picks up while docked. Often times, a cruise ship will have it's own network available. Typically, cruise ship networks are turned on once ships are at sea and usually shut down when ships are within 20 kilometres of land. If you are able to connect to a wireless tower located at the destination you are visiting, then it should use your Roam Like Home service as long as that destination is eligible, however, if the cruise ship's network is on, then Roam Like Home will not work.


For your reference, here are the current pay per use rates for roaming while connected to a maritime network (on a cruise ship) versus the current Roam Like Home rates:


While on a cruise ship:

Talk: $4/Minute

Text: 75¢ / Sent Text Message and 25¢ / Received Text Message (without a roaming or domestic text plan or add-on)

Data: $15/MB


While on Roam Like Home:

U.S - $7 / day per device, for a maximum of up to $105 on your monthly bill

All other International destinations - $12 / day, for a maximum of up to $180 on your monthly bill


I hope this information is useful! 😊






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Re: Roaming on a Cruise While at Sea

i know this is an old, reused thread, but it is about cruise rates, so i thought it easier to just revive it, so the history can be kept in one thread.



so my question is: if i purchase the $20/day internet service on the cruise, can i use WIFI calling on my phone to send/receive calls/text as well as internet? is there a way to make it use the shipboard wifi instead of the ship cell towers?