Requesting a specific phone number

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Requesting a specific phone number

I was wondering if it is possible to request a specific phone number. It is our old home number from years ago and is not currently in use.


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Re: Requesting a specific phone number

Good evening @rickeoni,


Thank you for your post!


Sometimes, people lose their old phone number and want to get it back. Whether you changed to a different service provider, your service was disconnected, or you asked for a different number but later changed your mind, getting back your old phone number can be difficult.


To better assist you, we'll need more information from you:


  • Are you trying to get it back on a home phone line or you wanted to have it ported on to your cellphone?
  • Was it a number you previously had with Rogers or with another company?


Occasionally, phone numbers can or can't be ported to another service provider, and phone companies do not legally have to release the numbers to other providers under certain circumstances. 


Whether you're looking to port it in or activate it as a new phone number, we can definitely try and accommodate you by searching for a similar one or something that would end in the same last 4 digits, for example.


Looking forward to your reply!