ROGERS-EXT Network Inconsistencies

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ROGERS-EXT Network Inconsistencies

Hello there,


I just recently began to notice something odd during a couple road trips to the interior or BC. My phone was losing it's data connection in certain areas and flipping over to roaming (shows the "R" beside the network bars). When I checked my network, I saw that it was on the ROGERS-EXT network. Funny thing was that my wife's iPhone X didn't flip to roaming and she still had data on the same network. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S9+. She's on my Rogers account with an identical plan, so the only differences are our SIM cards and phones. 


I called Rogers support about it and the guy asked me to reset my network settings on my phone, which I did, and also to turn on Roaming Data. Roaming data does technically work, but I'm reluctant to accept that as a solution as I didn't used to have to turn this on a few months ago.


Not sure how to test it while I'm back in Vancouver though. Any ideas?


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Re: ROGERS-EXT Network Inconsistencies

Afternoon @Superchunk77,


My colleague in tech support was indeed right. Talk and text services will work once you enter an Extended Coverage area and your device connects to Extended Coverage. To use the internet for email, maps and more, just make sure data roaming is turned on in your device settings.


For more information please view the Extended Coverage Eligibility, Usage & More page 🙂.