Poor cell service

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Poor cell service

Yes I am only experiencing the slow speed & call failed in and outside my home. There are other areas where I exceed over 100Mbps where there are full LTE. I have tested in various areas so this seems to be my area specifically where I have the biggest issue.  (Tested on iPhone 7+)


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Re: Poor cell service

Hey @shadowt1tan,


Thanks for your response!


Just out of curiosity, have you tested any other Rogers wireless devices inside and outside your home to see if the same issue occurs? Do you know of any neighbors who are also on the Rogers Network who are experiencing the same issues?


If no other devices are having this problem and your neighbors are reporting that they are not having any issues, then it could be something to do with the device. You can try purchasing a new sim card to see if that helps.


Another thing you may want to try is resetting your device's Network Settings as follows: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


If you are indeed surrounded by 3 Rogers wireless towers, you would think that the connection would be quite strong (especially once you step outside of your home), however, I would still recommend using our MyNetwork tool (available via your MyRogers app or Rogers.com) to check for wireless outages, and view coverage types available in your specific location. You also have the option to report a poor wireless signal using the "Report an Issue" feature. Our technical teams will review your feedback to identify and resolve service issues.  Your feedback will also be reviewed by our planning teams to prioritize future network enhancements. 

Please click HERE to get instructions on how to access this tool, or visit Rogers.com to enter your address details and check the current coverage status. 


I hope this information is useful!



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Poor cell service

Been told that since last October.internet barely works cell phones don't work near my house cable freezes. Time for me to leave this clown show.

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Re: Poor cell service

Hey @Sblundell7858!


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you're having service issues! Have you spoken with technical support yet to determine where your closest cell tower is? Alternatively you can easily report any cellular network issues within the MyRogers app! Visit the Support Tab, then MyNetwork for visibility of the network in your area and have the option to report any issues you may be experiencing. Definitely let us know if you've taken any of these steps and what the results were if so :).



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Re: Poor cell service

Hi there,

I am a new custom to Roger's and I'm disappointed in the signal quality. Constantly losing service or have one little bar. I live in Hamilton, Ontario which is a big city and should have great connection (previous provider had now issues)

Any recommendations of what I can do to make this better?

Thank you


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Re: Poor cell service

Good evening @Frostwhitewulf,


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for posting concern to the Community.

I know that experiencing network issues or losing service can be frustrating. 


Unfortunately, network issues do happen from time to time. To find out if there's a service outage in your area, use the My Network tool:

  1. Select the service that’s most affected
  2. Enter your current address, major intersection or postal code
  3. Click on "Check status"

I suggest using the "Report an Issue" feature in the MyRogers app to report the issue you are experiencing and provide feedback through the app. 

Our technical teams will review your entry to identify and resolve service outages. Your feedback will also be reviewed by our planning teams to prioritize future network enhancements.


If the network coverage in your area is fine, please let us know whether it happens in a particular place or inside a house or building.


Hope this helps!




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Re: Poor cell service

Why is network strenght latately is very very POOR? calls are drop or failed coz of signal even mssg too cant be sent? Something wrong ROGERS??

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Re: Poor cell service

Hello, @Tonyix


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Having a poor signal on your mobile device can become very disruptive so I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. =(


Have you attempted the steps outlines in Post 46 of this thread? If there is an issue you can report it by following those steps.


I hope this helps!