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Re: Poor cell service

There are cheaper versions - the expensive ones are intended for office and building settings.  You find them in hospitals often.


Keep searching - there are cheaper versions out there - there are even car versions - remember when we had to put an antenna on the outside of our car - basically the same thing.


Home versions start at around 50.00 and up - don't know the quality. Car versions start around 140.00 and upwards.


No they are not cheap  Hopefully Rogers will look at cell tower location.


Good luck 



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Re: Poor cell service

Thanks - will do...
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Re: Poor cell service


Poor Coverage in Edmonton & on QEII Corridor
I seem to have poor coverage almost everywhere I am in Edmonton.  Both work and personal cell phones are Rogers.  Now my personal cell phone - battery life is waning, and just burning down - I am sure because it is tired of continuously trying to get service!  Not sure what to do, other than consider changing providers on personal cell phone - been with Rogers almost 8 years, and the cell coverage is not improving.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Otherwise, will consider going to another provider shortly.  Thanks!
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Re: Poor cell service

Good morning @pdscott25!


Welcome to our Community!


If you've been having ongoing reception issues, we'd like to troubleshoot with you. Edmonton is a fully covered LTE zone so we may need to escalate a ticket to have the towers near you investigated to ensure they're in full functioning order.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so we can get to work for you! If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Poor cell service

Poor Cellphone Coverage in Claremont


I have an IPhone7 and was with Fido when I moved to my house last year. I found that the cell coverage in Claremont (North Pickering) is very poor - everyone in the area complains about it. But I found that when I enabled wifi calling with Fido, all of a sudden my cell signal was pretty good and I was able to make calls without many issues. 

In February, I switched to Rogers, figuring the signal is the same (and I was told by Rogers reps that it is), but it was not. Same phone, but the signal was horrible and I was constantly either missing calls or dropping them, which becomes extremely frustrating not only for myself, but for people trying to contact me. So I called Rogers and followed their advice, they said for starters, turn LTE off - and I'm surprised this workaround actually seems to work, but I don't want to constantly be switching my settings on and off with LTE. So finally they got wifi calling enabled on my phone, but still, the signal is horrible. It is the same result whether I make a standard call, a wifi enabled call, or a 3rd party call using internet. 

I can no longer work from home because my signal can drop at any time on a conference call. I've followed Rogers instructions, swapping SIM cards, etc to ensure it is not the phone, and I know from experience, when my wife calls me on my drive home that as soon as I get close to our neighbourhood the call drops - Every. Single. Time. 

But yet despite the high prices we pay for cell packages and phones, nothing has been done to rectify this problem, for our area in general. Claremont isn't in the middle of nowhere, it's located right on the border of Markham/Stouffville/Pickering. Surely there should be a solution for this. 

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Re: Poor cell service

Hello @soots!


Thanks for being a part of the Community Forums and congrats on your very first post!! 😊


The worst feeling is being on a call (especially an important one!) and having your wireless connection go kaput! I can understand your frustration!!


Technically, the Wi-Fi Calling feature should totally bypass your cellular coverage when routing your calls, so it does surprise me that you are experiencing these dropped call and missed call issues while on both connections. This leads me to my first question: Around the time that this began happening, did you also make any changes to your home internet services? For example, was any new equipment added during that time, or any change made to your internet plan or settings?


Another thing you can try if not already done, is to reset your device's Network Settings. Here is how: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


One final question for you. Around the times where you experience the drop in phone calls on your way home, do you happen to notice if your device displays "Rogers-EXT" or "Roaming" at the top of your device?


Hopefully, we can help get to the bottom of this!


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