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Poor cell service

I've Been Here Awhile
I live in Cardiff, a small residential community just outside of St. Albert/Edmonton Alberta, and have never gotten better than two bars of LTE in home, and lately I've been down to three bars of 3G. What is the problem?

Re: Poor cell service

Hello @soots!


Thanks for being a part of the Community Forums and congrats on your very first post!! 😊


The worst feeling is being on a call (especially an important one!) and having your wireless connection go kaput! I can understand your frustration!!


Technically, the Wi-Fi Calling feature should totally bypass your cellular coverage when routing your calls, so it does surprise me that you are experiencing these dropped call and missed call issues while on both connections. This leads me to my first question: Around the time that this began happening, did you also make any changes to your home internet services? For example, was any new equipment added during that time, or any change made to your internet plan or settings?


Another thing you can try if not already done, is to reset your device's Network Settings. Here is how: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


One final question for you. Around the times where you experience the drop in phone calls on your way home, do you happen to notice if your device displays "Rogers-EXT" or "Roaming" at the top of your device?


Hopefully, we can help get to the bottom of this!


Re: Poor cell service

Since December my cell will not get service in my yard or home, have to drive 2 km down the road

Re: Poor cell service

Hi @Powerpup22!


Thanks for joining us here in the Community Forums! Congrats on your first post! 😊


When it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, many of us depend on a good, strong cellular connection! I also use my cellphone to keep track of other things like finances and my social media feeds. I'm really sorry to hear that you've been having these service issues--that's not fun. 😟


Did you recently change devices or get a new sim card? Do you know if anyone else in your home or nearby are having similar issues?


I would recommend using our MyNetwork service (formerly NetworkAid)! MyNetwork is a self-serve tool that you can access via your MyRogers app or to check for wireless outages, and view coverage types available at specific locations. You also have the option to report a poor wireless signal using the "Report an Issue" feature. Our technical teams will review your feedback to identify and resolve service issues.  Your feedback will also be reviewed by our planning teams to prioritize future network enhancements. 


Please click HERE to get instructions on how to access this tool, or visit to enter your address details and check the current coverage status. 


I hope this information is useful!



Re: Poor cell service

I Plan to Stick Around

I switched to Rogers for my cell phone. (iPhone 7+) I originally was with Koodo but got a better deal through Rogers. When I was with Koodo I’d get over 100mbps down through LTE and would have full bars. With the switch I usually get 1 bar LTE and spend most of the time on 3G. I’m right smack dab in the middle of 3 towers surrounding me. Currently I do have calls drop indoors because of this.

My typical data speeds tests are at most 20mbps down with Rogers.

What can I do? Wifi calling helps although if my internet goes out which it does frequently I’m back to nothing.

Re: Poor cell service

Hello, @shadowt1tan.


Welcome to the Rogers' family and to the Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. Weak signal strength and dropped calls can surely be inconvenient. 


Are you experiencing the slow speed and weak signal strength only when you are at home? You are surrounded by three towers and yet see one bar on LTE indicates signal penetration issues. The higher the frequency, the higher the degradation of the signal indoors. 


Have you tested calls and speed elsewhere? Also, let us know if you have done any troubleshooting so far.