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Re: Poor cell service

Hi there,


Ever since I moved to Orleans (Ottawa) 2 years ago, I've experienced poor cell reception in my neighbourhood. This has meant I cannot use my phone in the basement, most of my first floor, and certain areas of my home office on the 2nd floor. Even outside the connection is poor and have had dropped calls / no connection to network . I live near Trim & Innes. I've had 3 cell phones in the past 2 years (Oneplus 3, Sony Xperia 5, and Samsung A71) and all have suffered the same issues.


A few weeks ago I saw a Rogers truck and a construction crew in front of my house. I struck up a conversation with him about the upcoming internet upgrades in my neighbourhood. Just as I was thanking him for answering my questions he asked me if I had trouble with my cell phone in the area. I explained to him the issues I've had in the past 2 years and that it only affects Rogers since my wife has no issues whatsoever with Bell. I thought perhaps it had to do with the different frequencies each use for their network or some other technical reason. He assured me that it should not be this way, and would report the issue when he gets back to the office.


I was wondering if you could provide an update and/or send a team out to my area and verify the signal levels/quality.




Edit: Added portion where I state the issue persist while outdoors.

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Re: Poor cell service



You could try to enable WiFi calling on your phone so you can make calls in your house or areas where the phone is connected to WiFi. I understand this isn't ideal, but this will allow you to use your phone until Rogers fixes your area.