Network Connection Issue LG-E973

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Network Connection Issue LG-E973

My phone repeatedly diconnects from the Rogers network throughout the day, then reconnects, disconnects, etc etc. Sometimes when it conncects to the network for a short period, the reception is still so low that I cant actually use my phone for much of anything at all. Other times it connects fine for a while before disconnecting again. 


I'm uncertain what the cause or fix is. I haven't made any changes to any settings in a long time and it's been a while since I've done anything like dropping it.


There was a change made to my account recently to increase my data limitations, if that makes a difference. If I could get any suggestions, hopefully it might help me out a great deal.


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Re: Network Connection Issue LG-E973

Hi @deprofundis,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


I understand how frustrating that can be with your phone repeatedly disconnecting throughout the day. What's the reception and how many signal bars do you normally have? Have you tried powering off the device since the recent plan change? What's the network icon showing on the device (LTE, 3G or EDGE)? Maybe to start with I'd suggest you try switching the network mode to GSM only for testing. Or if you have access to another Rogers device (friend or relative), I would suggested trying the process of elimination by testing your SIM in their device to see if the connection continues to disconnect.


Hope this helps