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MyNetwork thru MyRogers app - Report an issue

I've Been Here Awhile

Every time whe. I report online network issue related data- making call whatever each time I got same answer that “there is no issue with network but it is issuw wirh your phone”
1 time I reported Montreal underground metro station we don’t get LTE and reply is same my phone problem . 2 nd time I reported that we are unable to make phone call at Niagara Falls with date time and location and same answer that my phone have issue .

Rogers have same answer all time that phone have issue and j done know how come same phone work fine all time. By the way I am using iPhone .

Rogers have to take ownership and ask us more log I can provide you more log instead giving same answer without asking details .

Stop online reporting if you have same answer all time . Your common answer is user phone have issue and Rogers network work smooth all time everywhere . User unnecessary reporting issue via application. Right?

Take a ownership of user issue and please do not give your standard same reply all time .


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Re: MyNetwork thru MyRogers app - Report an issue


Hello, @bp78


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. I appreciate using the MyNetwork support tool available in MyRogers app and reporting an issue.


Were you reporting from the same location and time you were experiencing the issue? As the app takes into account the exact location you submitted the report. 


I look forward to hearing from you.




Re: MyNetwork thru MyRogers app - Report an issue

I've Been Here Awhile
Hi sir

As you know if there is a network issue like unable to get data connection or like unable to make phone call that means we can’t report issue same time from same location as MyRogers application required active data connection.

It is hard to report same time from same location if network is down or not work.

Hope you understand that ones we have network issue we lost connection and MyRogers application required active connection to report on the spot.

Whenever I reported issue I provide time date and location and type of issue . My problem is how come Rogers get same reply each time that phone have problem and same phone work fine without reboot to different location normal.

Re: MyNetwork thru MyRogers app - Report an issue

Hello @bp78,


I completely understand where you are coming from here! I know how totally frustrating it must be to report multiple issues only to receive the same response each time, putting the blame on your device. 


We'd like to run some additional tests on our end to see what is going on but we'll need some information about your device before we can proceed. Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this for you.


We look forward to receiving your message!



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