Mobile Call Encryption?

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Mobile Call Encryption?

Does Rogers route ALL mobile air calls via GSM even if 4G network is used for your phone data traffic, unless VoLTE is activated on the customer account? What encryption algorithm if any is used when a call is routed via Rogers GSM? I'm NOT talking about VoIP apps like encrypted WhatsApp calls, but regular mobile air calls. Can someone point to a Rogers forum thread where call encryption is discussed?


How its different when call is routed via 4G or VoLTE? Are Rogers VoLTE calls encrypted, and with what algorithm? Is encryption done by software or phone chipset? Can one check with any app or logo sign that a call in progress is encrypted?


When using Rogers WiFi Calling feature, will the call still remain encrypted, on what network segments, and with what algorithm(s)? I'm not talking here about WiFi router WPA2 radio signal password protected encryption, but separate mobile phone calls encryption when routed via local WiFi Calling. Is it done by the phone GSM chip or in software? 

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Re: Mobile Call Encryption?

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Apologies for the delay in response. The Rogers network uses 3GPP standards based capabilities delivered by our network equipment suppliers. Calls completed between a Rogers wireless subscriber and any other device (e.g. a landline phone, a wireless customer on another network) have standard protocols that are followed and other industry carriers operate their networks similarly.