Little to no reception in Bowmanville (Green & Mcbride Area)

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Little to no reception in Bowmanville (Green & Mcbride Area)

I currently live in the Green and Mcbride area in Bowmanville. I get terrible reception in my house. I called rogers and they claim they do not guarantee reception in the house. That being said I used to live in Pickering and I had great reception and even 4 bars in my basement. Here in Bowmanville I am lucky if I get 1 bar outside my house. I am using a Samsung 5S but as I said before I had no issues, with the same phone, in Pickering.  My wife is on Virgin mobile with a Samsung 3 and she has 4 bars in the garage.


Anyone else in this area having these issues?


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Re: Little to no reception in Bowmanville (Green & Mcbride Area)

Hello @poiSINNEDsoul


Sorry to hear about the service troubles at home.  Reception may be affected by various factors, including system availability and capacity, customer's equipment,  signal strength, topography and environmental conditions. In addition the location of the tower & building structure will play a big role in regards to indoor coverage. Even if you are within a good range of the tower, the building structure can block/degraded the wireless signal causing it be weaker when indoor. This is how all wireless signal technologies work.

When you are at home, are you connected to 4G or LTE? Can you change the network settings on the device to "3G/HSPA only" and let me know how many bars you get with that network selected.


Also, have you looked into Rogers One Number? It will allow you to make/receive calls & text via the Internet connection. So even if you have no signal from the cellphone tower, you service won't be interrupted.