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Dead zones

is there a place to report dead zones,

i live in Calgary and there are a number of places where i can count on having no bars or full bars but can never get a call through, i have a iphone 3gs with ios 4.2 and have done the whole network reset thing and phone reset thing but i still can sit in an area with full bars and 3G and have every call i make dropped or severely distorted.


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Re: Dead zones

Hi Carusk,


Yes there is a place to report these locations. If you call 1866-931-3282, Press 2 for technical support. Advise the  agent you wish to report a dead zone. They will ask you a series of questions, try to provide as much detail as possible:

- Location (Intersection or postal code) ; Where problem begins & ends.

- Signal Strength

- Troubleshooting tried

- Disable 3G tried

- Error displayed

- (optional) New sim card or different device tried

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Re: Dead zones

Called Rogers to report a cell dead zone up at the cottage. Guy on the phone told me that "I have service at my billing address, so that's all they guarantee." Guess he doesn't understand that my phone is mobile. He then Suggested I go to radio shack and purchase a cell phone signal booster, at my own expense. Agent refused to escalate the issue. Another waste of time with this company that continues to make me unhappy.
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Re: Dead zones



I would advise checking out NetworkAid via your MyRogers app or on


You can check and report any network issues in Canada; including any dead zones.


Fina a quick NetworkAid FAQ here.




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Re: Dead zones

Not much of a Network"Aid" put in your address to your Dead Zone House and Rogers says "Our Wireless network appears to be working normally in your area" and "If you're experiencing a unique issue, please let us know".  Followed by  "Your feedback will help us prioritize future network enhancements across Canada. Thanks for telling us about your experience — we really appreciate it! "


I'm not trying to help Rogers by helping to "prioritize future network enhancements across Canada", I'm trying to make and accept a simple phone call on my iPhone.  Every single phone in our family (both iPhone X's, iPhone 7s, iPhone 8) is unable to make a phone call, and if we get one out or in, no one can hear us, in any part of our house, or even on our outside decks or yard area.


So, Rogers, how do we REALLY get this acted upon?  Over than moving to Telus of course, of which our friends have no trouble calling from anywhere in our house.

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Re: Dead zones

Good morning @westsidegirl!


Welcome to our Community!


I understand you may be skeptical about our Network Aid tool but if you do report issues via the app, our technicians do act upon them.


Unfortunately, resolving issues that are isolated to a single household is not always possible. A building can block or dampen a cell phone signal dramatically depending upon the layout, construction material and location relative to our nearest tower.


In a situation such as this, I would recommend trying WiFi Calling as a workaround. Have you tried it as of yet? Please let us know! If you need help setting it up, we're more than happy to help.




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Re: Dead zones

westsidegirl, if you can get better coverage from Telus (and by extension Bell too), I don’t know why you’re messing around with Rogers. Getting new towers or infrastructure in place is a very lengthy process that can take years if it were to even get approved. Rogers would have to submit a request to the city, which would then have to be approved. Approval is often based on minimal resistance from residents. Once approved, Rogers would have to get it on their build and implementation roadmap, pull construction permits, etc. I think you get the picture Smiley Happy
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Re: Dead zones

Dead zone near 29th Ave skytrain station


Both my wife’s and my phone loses coverage near the 29th Ave skytrain station in BC. Could it be a dead zone? If yes, can somebody from the company please comment if there are plans to install towers?

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Re: Dead zones

@adeydas have a look at the following cell tower map site:


In the address lookup field, use:   Atlin St & E 29th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5R, Canada


You can refine that to your home address if you desire.   You can zoom in/out in that map and select any tower that you want to look at, in terms of details for that tower.  Click on, or select a tower to display a popup window that shows an elevation chart to that tower, the location details and the tower details in terms of who owns the tower, frequencies, etc.  


Hopefully that will show you where the nearest tower happens to be.  I suspect that the elevation map might not be very accurate for city towers as the towers might be masked by other buildings between your home and the tower. 

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Re: Dead zones

@adeydasI would suspect it's an elevation or handoff issue  - I know the Skytrain station itself being lower then grade and concrete will reduce it's coverage inside.

Try @Datalink tool, works pretty good for the elevation -- I also use another site (same data) to help solve connection issues (I find my site little easier to follow, theres a mobile app too)