Cell tower proposal approved - when will construction begin?

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Cell tower proposal approved - when will construction begin?

Rogers received approval this past December 2017 from King City to install a 60m shrouded tripole cell tower in Schomberg near the Trisan Centre. Full article at link below with excerpt also below. Can a Rogers agent please let me know when construction will commence and/or approx date of when the tower is planned to go live? Thanks.


Planning Department Report Number SPR-2017-03 Re: Proposed Rogers Telecommunications Tower 25 Dillane Drive, Schomberg (Trisan Centre)
Plan 65M4163, Block 4
Part Lot 34, Concession 8 (RP65R31981 Part 1) Site Plan File #SPD-17-74
Owner: The Corporation of the Township of King Applicant: Rogers Communications
Committee considered Planning Department Report Number SPR-2017-03 to advise of an application to construct a 60 metre (197 ft.) high telecommunications tower with a fenced 9 metre by 12 metre equipment compound situated approximately 102 metres from Dillane Drive on the subject property municipally known as 25 Dillane Drive. The proposed tower is intended to provide improved wireless coverage for customers in Schomberg and the general travelling public along Highway 9.
Committee recommends that Planning Department Report Number SPR- 2017-03 be received and the recommendations therein be approved, as follows:
A. That the Township advise Industry Canada and the applicant that the Township’s Protocol for Establishing Telecommunications Facilities has been complied with in respect to a proposal to erect a 60 metre (197ft.) tri-pole structure together with a 9 metre by 12 metre fenced compound situated approximately 102 metres (335 ft.) from Dillane Drive;
B. That the Planning Department provide Industry Canada and the applicant with a copy of Site Plan Report No. SPR-2017-03.



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Re: Cell tower proposal approved - when will construction begin?

Good morning @toolcubed!


It sounds like you're excited for the improved coverage this tower will bring!


Unfortunately, due to variances between municipalities, it is difficult for us to gauge how long it will take to go from proposal to completion. Our best estimate today could be quashed tomorrow if the environmental assessment finds issue with the proposed location... for instance, look what happened at the Ottawa Blues Fest when they found a Killdeer nest on site!


I wish we could build it faster for you but these projects do take time due to all the considerations we must take.




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Re: Cell tower proposal approved - when will construction begin?

Hi Corey. Thanks for the quick reply. I totally understand that plans and roadmaps change. However, it’s my understanding that the tough and lengthy part of the process has been completed (getting township approval). Everything else (pulling permits, and beginning construction) should happen in fairly quick succession unless the roadmap has changed again, which would be frustrating. Rogers has had plans to build a tower in this particular location since 2013, and there are a half dozen other locations nearby that have suffered the same fate. What I truly have a hard time comprehending is how Bell can deploy new towers so quickly and aggressively but Rogers can’t. For example, Bell has installed 4 new towers in my neighbourhood (Vaughan) over the last 2 years while Rogers is still telling me that they’re going thru the approval process for their towers in roughly the same locations. As a further example, Bell received approval from Vaughan City Council in January of this year (6 months ago) to build a 5th tower nearby, and it’s already under construction (concrete pedestal has been constructed and I can see the pole that will hold the antennas laying on the ground ready to be put in place)...again, they were able to start only 6 months after getting city approval, and yet here we are still waiting for Rogers towers that were promised years ago!!