Cell phone Reception issues

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

@foobar66Ya, Cordova Bay is definitely a deadzone for Rogers, but it's also a deadzone for Telus/Bell - which would explain why EXT didn't work much better.
It's similar to the site you posted above, but I like to cross reference http://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/cancellsites.html as it to me is a similar interface to view tower sites. And it clearly shows a need for upgrades -- while it was probably fine a few years ago, as you said the population has  built up, and I believe it's congesting the signals.
One thing that I experienced with network congestion is opting the phone to max out at a lower speed... Where it normally is set to LTE, that means the phone will always try to connect to LTE, even if congested. So telling the phone to only connect to HSPA+ could get you onto a channel that isn't as busy. My best experience of this was during the 2010 Olympics - it was before LTE - I had full coverage of 3G but nothing was working, so I told to phone to revert to Edge and while slower, it was usable and was "faster" then the 3G.

@RogersLauraWhat I would say is that it's great Rogers is talking about continuously investing in the network, but from an end user POV, especially in British Columbia, there hasn't been an focus/push to expand for more antennas in newly built up areas. There are issues like this all over the province, From Victoria (like @foobar66), to Surrey, Kelowna, and even my hometown of Kamloops BC (our last major new tower was 2012, there may had been a smaller one/share agree in 2014...).

... Anyhow the point I want to convey is that from the end-user, we're not seeing our Rogers services expand fluidly with community growth. But I do understand that the new requirements for community consultation to install towers is onerous and expensive - and I also don't think Telus' approach to blanketing neighourhoods with microcells strapped to streetlamps is an entirely surefire way either in the longterm (more points of failure) - but at least in the meantime Telus customers in those area blanketed with microcells are seeing improvements.

Two other points I would like Rogers to seriously consider...

1) The NetworkAid tool - I don't think I've ever gotten one response back other than something along the lines of "everything appears fine" so ya I report issues, but nothing changes - I do understand the complexity of triaging issues, but I think Network Aid could be vastly improved, and perhaps have a bit more personal followup/explanation. Sure it would require more staffing, but it would give users the sense of belonging.

2) Rogers NEEDS to open up WiFi Calling to ALL eligible Android devices! Not just a select few that are "sold by Rogers" - If a phone has WiFi Calling, let users use it! If it means it has to be a tech support enabled feature thats fine, but most unlocked Android phones support WiFi Calling and enabling such would help customers connect in areas where build-out is lacking

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

I also live on Cordova Bay with poor coverage. Rogers help desk suggests there is a new tower going up (or has gone up)  2019 Q1. (still awaiting confirmation from Rogers).