Cell phone Reception issues

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

@toolcubed  I would have to agree with you in terms of network coverage areas and accessibility in public places.  I was in hospital the twice in the last two weeks in Oshawa, and in their buildings, a Rogers network phone is useless - fortunately, they have WIFI, so I switched over to my fongo number for calling people to let them know about cancelled appointments.


I don't have WIFI calling on my phone - maybe this is why WIFI calling is being pushed so much on new phones and more on Rogers than on the other providers in their advertising.


In my home, the Rogers tower that I connect to is about 2 km line of site, because the other two towers that are closer are blocked in our subdivision by the way our homes are designed and oriented.  There are no close line of site towers that support our neighbourhood from Rogers - never has been from day one.  I have to be careful walking around my home with my phone as I will drop signals. And yet, there are bell and telus towers in three directions from our neighbourhood.


Just an observation, I live with it.



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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

With the recent buy out of MTS ( manitoba telecome service) to Bell is or will there be any network upgrades like extending coverage etc in the future?


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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Good day @Anso,


Thank you very much for your post!


I can certainly relate; Always having the best coverage is ideal to stay connected at all times.


What we implemented a couple of years ago is the Extented Coverage.

Visit this page for more information on this service.


Are you a Rogers customer and experiencing network connectivity issues in Manitoba? If so, where are you located?


If you are not a Rogers customer and would like to become one, check your coverage by entering your location on our map.


Let us know if you need further assistance or more information!



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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

I just went to you guys a couple of weeks ago was with MTS now BellMts I have LTE in my area ( i live 15 mins from Teulon Manitoba and about 5 or so mins from Winnipeg Beach...I don't know if its just the house or what...also I have and LG G6 if that helps any..
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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Thank you for your reply @Anso!


Teulon and Winnipeg Beach are both areas with LTE coverage.


Do you seem to be experiencing issues while physically in your house?


How many bars do you see on the signal reception indicator of your phone?


If this only happens while at home, it could mean that the building materials of your house, or it's structure, interfere with the network reception. If it is the case, think about setting up Wi-Fi Calling!





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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

I live in Mission BC and in the last 2 months the reception on my phone is terrible drops every call I have contacted Rogers and they say they can't find a problem but they didn't even try calling so how would they know , they say it might be a device issue but it happens with my wife's phone and my daughter's I phone so it's not a device problem it's a network problem that they will not look into

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Hello @cdb604

They do check them but internally on their end. They don't call the customers but their systems on the tech support side shows them the reception and bars u get.

Have u spoken to tech support? If so have u asked to speak to a manager since they haven't helped?

If its a signal issue or network issue, there isn't much they can do other then report it and then the department which deals with the networks and towers will look into it.

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

service problems


I am soooo sick of not being able to use my phone in Port Dover .. the service sucks here soon badly, and why do I not see any way of using My Rogers to contact Rogers directly .. likely blinded by rage ..

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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

Hi @callook67


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for posting!


Poor reception can be very annoying to deal with.


Have you reported the issues you're experiencing through NetworkAid?


It's a feature on MyRogers app or Rogers.com to report issues related to with wireless connectivity.


You can find more information here.






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Re: Cell phone Reception issues

4G instead of LTE in Vanier


I'm currently less that 2km from downtown Ottawa yet I cannot retain an LTE data signal and have an often failing 4G signal with 4-5 bars. I'm on the 11th floor of a tower. Wifi is disabled. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Please help. I just want to watch a YouTube video without constant pauses or the video failing. I'm already watching in the lowest available resolution.