Can you forward text messages to another line?

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Can you forward text messages to another line?

I got 2 lines - I business from work and one personal and I want to use both on the same device (it has to be the work device, so I can't use a phone with 2 sims). I was able to do a call forward with *21* and was wondering if there's such service for text messages also. I know that there are apps that can do that, but I need to forward the messages while the phone is off (no need to have one on just for the forward) 

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Re: Can you forward text messages to another line?

Hey @benmeiri,


Welcome to our Rogers Community Forum and thank you for posting your question.


This was available on our Extreme Text  Messenging feature, unfortunately as of January 10, 2018, it has been decommissioned.


We’re focused on adding the most value possible to our wireless services, and from time to time we need to make changes, including phasing out older services. After careful consideration, due to low participation, the decision was made to discontinue the Extreme Text Messaging service. As you mentioned, there are apps that offer similar functionality available in your device's app store.


If anyone has an alternative to share with benmeiri, please feel free to chime in!


Kind regards,


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Re: Can you forward text messages to another line?

Honestly the worst decision you’ve ever made. For $200/month you should provide these simple services that cost you pennies.