Can I Keep My Cellphone Number If Moving Provinces?

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Can I Keep My Cellphone Number If Moving Provinces?

Hey, I plan on moving in the next year or two to another province, but not permanently. I'm wondering if I'll be able to keep my same NPA+NXX+stop if I'm out of NS for 7-10 months.



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Re: Can I Keep My Cellphone Number If Moving Provinces?

Of course you can. Your number works when your travelling in another province so moving there it will work exactly the same. Just be aware that people in your new province who call you including your next door neighbour may have to pay long distance charges cus now when they phone you they sre not calling a local number any more

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Re: Can I Keep My Cellphone Number If Moving Provinces?

Hello @Kevin-MacLeod,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forum's and that's a great question! Although you won't be moving for awhile, it certainly doesn't hurt to be ready in advance!! 😀


If you currently have a wireless plan that includes unlimited Canada-wide talk & text, then you do not need to change your telephone number if you are moving to an address in Canada that is covered by the Rogers wireless network. You can view our coverage maps HERE.


Although many of our plans come with Canada-wide talk & text, there are a few plans that only include Local/Province-wide coverage. For example, if you are on a wireless plan that only covers specific Provinces and you are moving to a Province not covered by your plan, than you would be required to change your phone number or move to an eligible plan.


If you are uncertain and would like us to check your plan details for you, we'll be most happy to do so! Feel free to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps to get started. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kind regards,