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Better coverage in Barrhaven South

I've been here awhile
You claim to attempt to improve coverage. For years now in Riverside South and now in Barrhaven South we have horrible cell coverage.

My cell phone only gets data in the house thanks to Wifi. During the last outage of course we had nothing.

15 years of bad coverage in my area and after the last outage it may be time to switch.

Re: Better coverage in Barrhaven South


Greetings and good morning @r_mboyer!


It sounds like you're only having these data connectivity difficulties while within your house. Is that right?


Are you experiencing issues anywhere else in Barrhaven?




Re: Better coverage in Barrhaven South

I've been here awhile

This is not the case at all.


Take a drive down Prince of whales. You'll see in front of the chevy dealership that your coverage drops. When you turn right on longfields and come up to the top of the hill turn in to the Orchard area. The coverage goes away. In the house or standing outside I have almost no coverage. you have a big blank spot.


We had the same issue in Riverside South when we lived there.


My son has a Bell cell phone and does not have the same issue in or out of the house.

Re: Better coverage in Barrhaven South

Hello, @r_mboyer.


Thank you so much for providing us with more details. Poor coverage can be disruptive; have you reached out to our tech support yet? 


You can visit our Network Help portal to check the network status and report the poor signal. 


Meanwhile, when indoors since you have good WiFi, you can use WiFi Calling to stay connected. 


You can also send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog




Re: Better coverage in Barrhaven South

I've been here awhile

Well this is a company coverage issue and not so much an in house tech support issue. Yes I'm aware I can use wifi for calling.


My point is that when your service goes down and I have no internet, I'm unable to call on my phone as your data coverage has a blind spot.


You will or won't do anything about it. I've made you, as a Rogers representative aware of an issue with your service.


I don't work for Rogers and have spent more than enough time trying to help you out with an issue. Now you want me to continue down another path to someone else. Feels like a shuffle. Might be time to switch to someone else.

Because when your internet goes down and I'm unable to make a 911 call, that is an issue.

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