5 years still crappy signal

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I've Been Here Awhile
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5 years still crappy signal

Hello all... is there anyone out there specifically near st thomas ontario who have had really bad wireless service for the past 5 years? Approximately 5 years ago rogers experienced a network outage for a few months. Before that i had phenomenal coverage in my area especially in my house. Since rogers has " resolved the issue"
My coverage is pathetic... between .05kbps and 250 kbps downstream.before the outage i was receiving between 4mbps and 6mbps on 3g. Rogers has banned me on the lte network as im on a greatly "grandfathered plan"...
For the last 5 years i have been paying my bills and using their services when i am everywhere else but near my home. Everytime i call to see if they are working on the problem.... their response is that the ticket has been closed and the problem has been fixed... i have opened dozens of tickets and rogers has emailed me within 48 hours saying that my issue has been resolved.
still not resolved after 5 years. I have been giving them the benifit of the doubt as i have been a rogers customer for many years.

Is anyone else having issues with networks like me?

Oh... before someone askes which phone im using... lol here is a list of devices i have tried:

Unlocked world usim samsung note 3
Unlocked samsung note 2
Rogers samsung note 1
Rogers Samsung s3
Rogers Samsung s2
Rogers iphone 4s
rogers iphone 4
Rogers iphone 3gs
Rogers Blackberry bold
Rogers blackberry pearl
Unlocked world usim Nokia communicator
And many other older devices....

Just tried a few pieces of hardware... lol



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Re: 5 years still crappy signal

Good afternoon @dearan ,


Thank you for your post! Smiley Wink


I can totally imagine how frustrating it must be to have network issues.


Based on the information provided above, your grandfathered plan is not compatible and therefore is preventing you from getting access to our LTE network.


  • Have you thought of maybe changing your monthly plan to see if it could help ?
  • Have you also inquired whether or not your device could be the cause ? 

The unlocked device you are using with your Rogers line, should be functional on our network if the frequencies used are compatible. However, it might be subject to some limitations. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of your non-Rogers device on our network and it could also have an impact on your access to our LTE network.


  • What exactly was the issue identified by our Technical Support team?

I did verify, and taken into consideration where you are located, you should be able to benefit from the reliable Rogers Network.


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@Community is anyone from this area experiencing the same issue? 

Feel free to share your insight on this!


Hope this helps!



I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: 5 years still crappy signal

This unlocked note 3 is the only device that worked on lte in toronto. Then i got a call from rogers asking me to change my sim card as it was corrupted and needed to be replaced... stupid me i went to a store and got a replacement sim and never saw lte again....
As for changing my plan. Its not an option as i use way too much data and a comparable plan would be almost 100 bucks more per month.

Currently i have 2 phones both with seperate 6 gig data plans, with 250 minutes daytime unlimited evenings and weekends, my 5 nationwide on one phone and 1000 ld minutes on the other. Both phones have call display and all the other bells and whistles.. and the bill for just the phones comes to 113.25 including tax. I use 5.9 gig on my phone every month where as my wife only uses between 2-4 gig per month. we dont have overages or extra charges as i am meticulously monitoring my data and make sure i dont go over.

Having more data would be great... but im not willing to increase the amount of my bill when rogers has indeed confirmed that it is an internal network issue in my area and new towers are being built. They have been telling me new towers are being built for almost 2 years now. And i just spoke with rogers again to verify that they are still planning on adding the towers. Which they are... but there is no eta on completion.

As for the devices... they all work perfectly in london, Woodstock, toronto, ottawa, petawawa,and every place in between... with the exception of a few known dead spots on the way to north eastern ontario.
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Re: 5 years still crappy signal

Thank you for the information @dearan-


From reading what you originally wrote, I can see that the issue has already been escalated to the Network Team and engineers.


Don't forget that you can use the Rogers One Number service when you have an internet connection. Using just your Wireless number, you get the convenience to talk and text from your desktop, laptop and tablet too. 


Sorry to hear about the delay in getting new towers in your area Smiley Embarassed


Hope they have them up and running soon!