Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

Hello, @gvpercy


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. It's certainly strange that nothing happens after entering the login credentials. I'm wondering if you are using a browser to access MyRogers since you have posted in this thread. Typically, if you were to use a browser on your iPad to access MyRogers, you should get redirected to the App Store to download the app. 


If the redirect is not happening; you can visit the App Store and download the MyRogers app and share your experience with us. 




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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

Re my complaint in post 27 of this thread .... thank you to Rogers for whatever  adjustment has been made . I am now back to using chrome and log in  is working the way it used to . Smiley Happy

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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

What’s going on I can’t open my own acct?
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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

Welcome to the Community @brikliz1!


We want to know more about the issues you're experiencing with your MyRogers online profile from browser.


In order to further assist you we'd need more information from you:

  • Are you getting an error message?
  • Why can't you open your own account?

We want to help. Smiley Wink Looking forward to your reply!




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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

With Safari on my Mac I can't access the Rogers website at all. It tries to go to the site, the progress bar goes about an inch along and everything just hangs. It doesn't even display any part of the page; it continues to display the last page accessed from whatever other site I had visited. I have cleared the cache, cleared cookies for the site, and tried turning off everything I thought likely from the Developer tab. I thought maybe it was a content blocker but I don't think so. I have tried multiple URLs to different parts of the Rogers site. It used to work fine. I recently changed to Ignite, although I can't think why that would have an effect on this.


On Firefox I can access most of the site although some pages refuse to display. A blank page displays in that case and when I view source code it all seems to be there.


Chrome seems to work fine.


Safari is my default browser and I would like to be able to use it. Any ideas?

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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

@stevense :  Here's a list of things to try - see link below:




Make sure JavaScript is turned on, make sure pop-up blockers are not on and make sure you're not using any ad-blockers or similar extensions.  If it works in Chrome, then something is blocking the site on Safari...

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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

I went in to Safari Preferences; Websites and for the Rogers sites I turned off Content Blockers, and allowed Pop-ups and the site is fine now. Thanks!

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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

I'm having an issue to log in that's not like the others. Most have solved the issue by fixing log in info or resetting their browsers. Yet, I've done all this but got no results. I can't sign in at all. 


When I first contacted support they said their website was down and would be for 48 hours. Now I try again and everytime the same thing happens: Once entering the correct login info (as I've reset my password to make sure my info is correct) , I'm redirected to the Rogers Business Self-serve sign-in page. Everytime I put in my info to Myrogers homepage, it shows the checkmark, loads, glitches to what looks like Myrogers account page but then immediately jumps to the business self-serve login page. The url goes from myrogers to business in an instant. Like a fool I tried to log into business but it also won't work.


What I've tried:

-the app on my google pixel, it seems to think my account is a business one and redirects me to download the business app

-tried various browsers, clearing caches/cookies, using incognito mode

-waiting 48hrs plus to see if the problem was with the website itself


please help, I just want to pay my bill but no platform is working and I think it's not a problem I can fix on my end. 

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Re: Unable to Access MyRogers via Browser.

Greetings @dorisn!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, we are happy to have you here! Congrats on your first post! 😊


Thanks for sharing this matter with the rest of the Community so that others can weigh in if they are having the same experience! We also appreciate you including the details of the troubleshooting steps taken. 👌


It sounds like this could be an account association issue which is normally resolved via a ticket to our back office team. We'd love to pull up your account to have a closer look so we can determine the best course of action to take to get this matter resolved for you!


If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Now, if a ticket is required, it may take some time for the issue to get resolved. In the meantime, we do have other payment options available to help avoid any further delays. We can take a one-time credit card payment via a secure form sent  by Private Message here in the Rogers Community Forums, or you can use any of the following payment options as well:


- Through your Financial Institution using Online/Telephone Banking (may take up to 5 business days to post)

- By calling 1-888-764-3771 to provide a credit card payment through our IVR system or to speak with a live agent, or online through Live Chat @ rogershelp.com/chat (payment will post immediately)


I hope this helps!!