MyRogers Not Working on Android 8.0

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Re: MyRogers Not Working on Android 8.0

Good evening @TerryColeman,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


Experiencing issues with MyRogers can definitely be upsetting. Being able to manage and monitor your account from your Android device is primordial. I highly doubt that the Beta Trial could be the cause as it has been over for quite some time. Most of the users have reported that the bugs are fixed. We do greatly appreciate you're giving us the opportunity to provide you with the assistant you may need.


  • What kind of issues are you encountering exactly?

We'd like to assist you resolve them. To do so, we'll need more information from you.

  • Are you getting an error message?
  • Is it regarding the sign in process or your credentials?


Looking forward to your reply!



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Re: MyRogers Not Working on Android 8.0

@RogersCorey wrote:

Hello @jamesthomas11!


Welcome to our Community!


The app is very important to our customers so they can manage their account, so let's see if we can get it functioning again. Have you attempted yet to uninstall/reinstall the app? Please let us know.




Working Great..!! Thanks for the suggestion. Smiley Happy

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