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Checking data usage

I have a problem that showing 0 data left, I used 6 days only, even check my sccount online or use the Rogers apps, still won't show how much I used and remaning, do anyone know how to solve? Thank you!


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Re: Checking data usage

Hi @Kelly_Ng


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Have you recently made any changes to your wireless plan? 


What does it show when you log into the MyRogers app to view your usage?


Let us know to further assist!




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Checking data usage

Yes, I made change of my wireless plan recently

And it shows that 0 KB is included, 0 KB is remaining, like the following photo:



Retired Moderator RogersPrasana
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Re: Checking data usage


Unfortunately, your usage information won’t be available if you made a plan change on account  in the middle of your billing cycle.


Your usage will be available once your new billing cycle starts.


Hope that helps!




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Checking data usage

I had the same problem when switching plans. I was able to get the data used for the current plan but calling Rogers Support.

I was able to estimate my total data from then on by watching the data counter on my router and adding it to the value Rogers Support gave me.
It would be nice if Rogers eventually finds some way to make the old and new plans' data visible. I don't imagine it would be complicated.
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Re: Checking data usage

There are little tricks with using your phone to track the usage... how to do this depend on the phone you have - 

Android if you line up the data tracking option with your bill cycle - it will track your monthly usage this is one of the benefits to androids. 


 iphone is a little trickier - you have to go into your settings to Cellular  scroll to the bottom hit reset - this will track the usage since reset was hit last.. I do this at the start of each cycle to track.... Comes in handy when the rogers app or site can not do so for me... 


Hope this helps you... Smiley Happy

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Re: Checking data usage

My data usage on MyRogers is not displaying correctly. 


I just upgraded my plan about a week ago, it I was able to monitor the usage without any problems, but today I see that the usage monitor looks like this:


It says that I have 15 GB, which is correct that is the first section of my flex plan(increasing to 100 GB), but then it says that I have used 8.85 GB, but I have used much more (probably close to 40 GB) and finally , it says that I have 10 GB remaining, but that doesn't add up nor is it properly represented by the graph above. 


I am hoping this is a quick fix on Rogers' end or I could have someone tell me how much data I have remaining.



Retired Moderator RogersAsif
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Re: Checking data usage

Hey @Confliction


That's odd. Generally the usage counter is not accessible after making changes to your plan, until the bill cycle has passed. Can you confirm if you have passed the bill cycle date?


In regards to the data on your account, feel free to send a PM to @CommunityHelps when you are online so we can assist.



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Re: Checking data usage

Here it is almost July and another month has passed without any mystery data overages showing up. Thumbs up Rogers! I'm keeping an eye on this and noting any usage over 10 GB in a single day because we don't use more than 3 or 4 on average.

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Re: Checking data usage

I have not been able to show data usage on my rogers for days. Call and chat yield no results only that maintenance might be involved. However click my number on my rogers just sits there. A pop-up stating maintenance would be a good idea. However I don't think that's the issue. All devices and different browser are giving the same result. Any suggestions?
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