Bug Report: Can't change password

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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

Unfortunately it has not been solved even 2 months later. I've been told theyre working on it but its clear now it will never be fixed. If I want to change my password I have to sign out and select forgot password even though I already know it, or I have to contact customer service, pretty lame.

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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

If it is just changing your password I don't see a major problem with doing it that way.
I recently changed mine and it took about two minutes
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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

Ok I lost my laptop, and am also trying to change my online passwords.

And voila... the system is down and the live agent can't do anything about it.

If my personal information gets compromised, I need to seek for some legal advice against Rogers.

Retired Moderator RogersGabrielle
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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

Good afternoon @mrflow3r,


 Have you tried clicking on "Forgot your username or password?" on the MyRogers sign in page? If you have set up a security question you will be able to reset it on your own. 


Alternately, if that does not work for you, I would love to provide you with further assistance in regards to this matter!

Since the password reset requires access to your account, the @CommunityHelps team will have the ability to reach out to you via Private Message.


We will be getting in touch with you via PM as soon as possible so we can make all the necessary verifications.

I am confident we will have the ability to resolve this situation. 

Look out for the message in your inbox! 




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

Ok it actually worked through live agent.
Website still doesn't work because it doesn't recognize my email address.
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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

I was able to change my password by using the forgot password link and return email but the old "forgotten" password was still in my profile, as the new password has more letters than the number of "*" shown for the old password.
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Re: Bug Report: Can't change password

Clicked on Customerhelp link and found the moderator at the other end is "retired". Not very helpful. I just need to find out what my existing password is as the one I have written down doesn't seem to work.

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