when can I make a payment

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when can I make a payment

online payment processing not working almost 24 hours now. phone payment specialist cyril promised by 1 pm. so when will you be able to take mymoney you.



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when can I make a payment

Hello anthonydoyle

I would suggest editing your post & making i more clear for others to read. I had a hard time reading it & understanding what you meant.

From what i can tell is that the online payment is down correct? Also the rep told you 1pm it would be up? Please do remember the reps are given a time frame which sometimes are not met. This does NOT mean they are liars or any other names u choose to call them. Do remember this is a company that has many things to deal with. Remember Toronto Hydro that had the issues last year? It told many customers that they would get their eletrocisity back at a certain time but never did. So jus relax & take it easy a bit.

If you are close to a Rogers store, you can go there & pay & get a receipt. You can also call in & pay via Credit card or a debit credit card.

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Re: when can I make a payment

There are lots of ways to make your payments 


Online/Tele BANKING

@ the BANK 

Credit card over phone with agent (visa debit - pre pd (stay away from  vanilla Master card) 

Rogers store 

Western Union 

Last resort Cheque


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Re: when can I make a payment

phone bill not payed properly


Ive been paying my phone bill online, but its not being updated and its saying i owe an amount of money what do i do

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Re: when can I make a payment

Hello @Allygray


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums.


What was your method of payment? Online/Tele BANKING or Rogers.com?


I am also assuming that your verified the account number that you made the payments on.


Please provide as much information as possible in order to better assist.



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Re: when can I make a payment

Especially if you pay via your bank.. it can take 3 or so days for it to appear on the rogers end, that you have paid it.

But as long as you  have paid at your bank, before or on the day that its due, there should be no late fees, etc or issues (even though it hasnt shown up)