Wireless Voicemail

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Wireless Voicemail

 Right now Rogers deal for samsung 6 (32gb) ($199 on 2-year term) with $80/mo. 2gb unlimited talk/text is still $120 cheaper than Koodo's same phone/plan even with my already banked 75 koodo tab credit, which means without my tab, Rogers is $200 cheaper than Koodo.


I'm considering switching from Koodo to Rogers for wireless.


Koodo systems are outdated and do not let you turn off their voicemail permanently; it automatically enables the voicemail back on every 30 days and you can’t control number of rings. Smiley Sad


Can Rogers wireless voicemail be turned off? Or am I going to be stuck with the same nonsense?

What does Rogers wireless ‘MYROGERS’ looks like? Is there a demo? For example, is it same setup like my Rogers Internet MYROGERS?


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Re: Wireless Voicemail

Hi @Supernu


Welcome to Community Forums! Smiley Happy


With Rogers you are able to turn off the feature of voicemail on our Share Everything plans.


As for the MyRogers take a look below for the wireless view and details:


MyRogers - Wireless.png



Hope that helps!



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Re: Wireless Voicemail

If i am correct.. while the voicemail IS included in the plans...  you can call in and have them turn that feature off.


EG:  My plan includes this 'who called' thing which will text you who called, so even while the phone is off you could get who had called you durring that time, etc.
I found it very anoying, and was able to call in and have that one feature turned off.. even though its included in my plan.