Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

it is the same for me, I can not see my data usage... It is not available from the mobile app,  and it is not available from the web site MyRogers. It was available last week (or 2 weeks ago, not sure....). What can I do to manage ma data usage if I cannot see it ?..... 

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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

Hello, @michelb999.


Thank you for joining this discussion, and welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


MyRogers app is a great tool to manage the data usage; it's upsetting that the data usage is not available for you. Which product's data usage, are you trying to manage?


I have the Infinite plan, and the data usage is available for me. The issue you are experiencing could be account-specific or product-specific. We can further investigate and submit a ticket for you. Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog


Thank you for your patience!