Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

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Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

Anyone else having issues with checking their data or other usage? For the last week mine is just a ton of 000000000 all the way across so I can’t even check my usage at all for data.

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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

Hello @Feejay,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 


Congratulations on your first post. I know how important it is to be able to manage/view your usage to ensure you do not get any overages when your bill arrives.


When was the last time you can recall being able to view your usage via the App? Do you have any issues viewing your usage via the website or does it also display all 0's? Have you made any changes to your Wireless plan within the last billing cycle?


We do not have any reported issues with the App at this time. Are there any other users in the Community experiencing a similar issue?


We look forward to your response!



I've Been Around
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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

data usage not visible on Rogers app



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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

Hello @anangr,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!

Thanks for posting about your issue. Are you able to view your data usage at this time?


If your billing cycle just started over, it could take 24-48 hours for you to be able to view it.


If you require further assistance, please provide us with more information.

If you can elaborate on the nature of the issue you're experiencing and the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far, it would be much appreciated.


Looking forward to your reply!



I've Been Around
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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

I just upgraded from a plsn with 500 mg of data to one with 7 gigs. Since the upgrade my rogers app says data usage unavailable. Help, I don't want oversge charges.

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Re: Usage Unavailable on the MyRogers App

Good evening @Mhzman, welcome to the Rogers Community Forums :)!


I'm sure you'll like having more data to use every month. Just as an FYI, if a price plan change is completed in the middle of the billing cycle, the usage details may not be available via MyRogers.


Do you know how many days you have left in the current bill cycle?






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