Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

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Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

my mac does not allow me to view rogers PERSONAL BILL from either chrome or safari -browsers- I  tried changing the "user agent" on Develop tab - but still cant view my bill.:) I can pay it no problem (LOL ) but I cant see my bill.

I heard Rogers site is INCOMPATIBLE WITH chrome or safari browsers - but i cant even see my bill on IE - I tried 7,8,9
Oddly enough I CAN VIEW my business account on both Safari and Chrome:(

Any suggestions out there or do I have to go to some sketchy internet cafe to view my bill?



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Re: Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

Hey @crstone,


Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for posting your question :).


I don't need to explain the importance of having access to your own billing details, so I can understand how this could be a bit annoying to have to deal with.


Have a look at this thread, which also has an accepted solution to a similar problemSmiley Very Happy!  In the future, please try to remember to complete a search before posting. Someone else may have already posted the answer you might be looking for Cat Happy.


We look forward to your future contributions and keep us posted if those suggestions worked for you as well :).


Kind regards,


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Re: Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

thanks for your suggestions however after calling tech support it seems the problem is that my consumer/personal account for my internet/cable has been contaminated by my wireless account which is business plan . so nothing I will do will load my bill - NOTHING . I have to call in to get my bill details. How absurd is that? Why is my business mobile on a business plan under my personal account. Only Rogers knows. 

tech support suggested I move my business wireless phone to a consumer plan - tech is so helpful (LOL) which will also require a different email registration and a significantly different plan. he also said that I could move the business account to a separate account which will require a different email address. LOL 

Thanks for suggesting that I read threads. I tried several known options for Mac users but they didn't work.

Why a business mobile is on a consumer account is baffling because Rogers says this it not possible.-- Who knows

thanks for responding even though it didn't help


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Re: Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

i see that you might work for rogers - so to be clear - when i sign in to business account i can see my invoice etc but when i sign into to my PERSONAL/CONSUMER account i cant see ANYTHING  BECAUSE ACCORDING TO TECH SUPPORT  my account is CONFLICTED. My cable is consumer by my wireless plan is business that is billed on a consumer account.:( Tech is perplexed how the two got combined because according to them it is not possible to do.

LOL - THE END RESULT  is that i can't  view invoice , download my bill , see, open or check my usage. Tech says to change my wireless plan - does this not seem ridiculous??? 

Disappointed that you assumed it was a browser issue -- sometimes you have to take more initiative because things are more complicated than they seem. To the powers that rule : I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MY INVOICE DOWNLOAD MY BILL AND CHECK MY USAGE - CAN YOU PASS ON THIS MESSAGE????Thanks 🙂

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Re: Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

Good morning @crstone!


Thank you for providing us with additional details. It gives us a good idea of where to go to next! We know that being able to view your account is of the utmost importance. It sounds to me like we should open a ticket to have this issue investigated if one hasn't already been opened for you.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so we can gather your account info and take a look. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome


However I feel that if I Make my questions and comments public other people who have the same problem will identify and Rogers might realize it is not a  ONE OFF and fix the issue.  I know there are others because I was told this by a Rogers store employee. 

Yesterday I spoke to 4 people - Melissa in YYZ who said that she would forward me to customer service - who then disconnected me when they answered my call after saying  they would put me on a brief hold.

I called back and spoke to Steve in Chilliwack who told me that Rogers Consumer CS couldn't fix the problem so he transferred me to Ranita in Rogers Business. Since all calls are recorded you will find this verifiable.:)

Ranita promised to open a ticket with the "back office" and fix the problem immediately which will take 24 hours to update. I am not asking much to be able to view/download/print my bill:(

I am really hoping that going  forward my Mac with enabled Chrome/Safari browsers do not inhibit this process. I was told my someone in tech support that Rogers consumer accounts have difficulty viewing their accounts on certain browsers and that I should use Internet Explorer. Rogers should be aware that in 2018 some people use Apple computers as well as APPLE phones and those people may not use IE 🙂