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Smart Home app will not work on iPhone

I'm Here A Lot

I had the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring system installed a week ago, and it refuses to work on my iPhone 11. It will only connect to the camera about once every fifty tries, and although I can arm the system from my phone before leaving the house, I can't disarm it when I return. Even while standing on my front porch and trying to disarm the system, it tells me disarming failed because it needs an internet connection (yes it's always connected). However, when I come inside and run to the touchscreen, the system IS disarmed... and the phone still says it's armed! I have tried rebooting, re-installing, and upgrading everything but it still won't work. When the technician was here to install the system, he warned me this might happen because the app is flawed and needs to be fixed.

This is not acceptable, the app should work on any type of smart phone. When will Rogers address this issue?


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Re: Smart Home app will not work on iPhone


Greetings @NS21,


Thank you for posting your query here on the Community Forums!


I understand how important it is to have the home monitoring app work correctly. I appreciate the troubleshooting and information provided. I have just a few questions to help determine what may be causing the issue.


Are you on the most updated version of the app? 
Have you tried accessing the app on any other device? 
Do you see any error messages?  


Also, I know sometimes when I am in my driveway my phone connects to the home Wi-Fi inside, but I do not actually have internet access yet. When outside the home are you able to try connecting to the app on the phones data and ensure the Wi-Fi is off on the phone?


Looking forward to your reply!



Re: Smart Home app will not work on iPhone

The entire system was installed one week ago, so I assume I have the most updated version of the app. How can I tell? I have tried accessing it on one other iPhone, with exactly the same result. As for error messages, it says "connection failure" when trying to see the camera, and when I try to disarm from outside, it says something like disarming failed because you are not connected to the internet. I must confess I don't understand how to access it using the phone's data, I have no idea what that means. Could you please explain?

Re: Smart Home app will not work on iPhone

Hello, @NS21


Thanks so much for those additional details. 


In order to ensure you are using the cellular data instead of Wi-Fi you will need to have the Wi-Fi on your device turned off. 


From what you've described it appears that the equipment inside of your home, mainly the touchpad but also the camera may be having difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi.


We'll need to troubleshoot this with you further to determine what could be causing the intermittent connection. Have you reached out to our technical support teams since noticing this issue? I would recommend reaching out to them to report this issue. We may need to have another technician out to ensure there were no issues with the way the equipment was installed.


You can contact our technical support team by visiting



Re: Smart Home app will not work on iPhone

I'm Here A Lot

Today the app has been connecting to the camera even with WIFI turned on, but I did turn it off and drove away from the house to test it remotely for arming and disarming the system. So far, so good... it has been working consistently with the WIFI shut off on the iPhone. I will keep it off for now, and will let you know if it starts giving me trouble again. I really hope this solves the problem! Thank you very much for your advice.


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