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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 26

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Yes it is about time...btw...I ha2 techs twice take control of my laptop and neither could fix the issue.
I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Error 1502 !!! Rogers Anyplace TV has not worked for over 1 month. I have called tech support 4 times. Told I will get an email because this is an new error and it has been escalated to the next level for tech support.....2 weeks later no answer. Called again said it was because it was linked to another account that I had cancelled....guess what??? It still does not work! No surprise. How difficult is it to get Rogers anyplace tv to work. Secondly the error 1502 does not have any supporting information. If you click on it, the link takes you to Rogers home page!!!! SO FRUSTRATING TO PAY FOR A SERVICE THAT DOES NOT WORK!!!

Posts: 754

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Hello @rp129,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Dealing with the same error message for over a month without any resolution in sight is definitely disappointing, to say the least.


Several users have reported this issue but it does not appear to be affecting all users. It seems to be mainly affecting devices running the Windows 7 operating system. Below are the specific requirements which must all be met for Anyplace TV to function properly.


4K, HD or SD Digital Set-top Box w/ Two-way connection.


Operating Systems:

  • Android device running Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS device running iOS9 or higher
  • Macintosh OS running a supported web browser
  • Microsoft Windows running a support web browser

Plug-Ins and More:

  • JavaScript
  • Must enable cookies in the browser
  • Must enable Location Services on tablets and smartphones

Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome v.50+
  • Internet Explorer 11 (latest version) on Windows 8.1+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

If any of the above requirements are not met we cannot guarantee Rogers Anyplace TV will work on all platforms.


I hope this helps!



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 23

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Dear AnyplaceTV Devs,


Please add keyboard shortcuts (e.g, left and right arrows) for next and previous channels in full-screen mode so I don't have to get up and use a mouse. If so, I can send these shortcut presses from a Bluetooth remote (or via a phone) so I dont have to get up and use the keyboard on my computer.




I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 16

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV


 I meet all the conditions listed as to equipment necessary and can't get Anyplace TV to work consistently on IE11 or Edge.  Works once in a while but then I get this error message most times when trying to watch a program on my laptop.... I have a very fast laptop that I have streamed other services on including NHL Live but can't seem to get Anyplace working properly.  So like others it seems Error 1502 keeps cropping up.


CHCH HD is having trouble loading. TIP: Exit out of CHCH HD then reselect to resume watching or search Error 1502 in the Help Center.(1502)



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 8

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Anyone else been experiencing issues with Rogers Anyplace TV app on android?  It's been horrible for the last couple of days.  

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

I have Windows 10 not Windows 7 and still not working.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 8

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

I'm on windows 10 and it's been spotty.  It'll play but then it'll stop for a bit and then start back up.

I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 6

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

I checked both browsers, IE 11 and Google Chrome 70, on my Windows 7 desktop. Both have cookies and Javascript enabled. Error 1502 still showing in Chrome when I select a channel. IE 11 still being identified as unsupported.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 8

Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

It works fine now.
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