Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

I talked with a management rep and its true they are no longer including NHL game center in Roger's share everything plans.
Not only as a customer I think it's a dumb idea as I loved having it and I'm sure many canadians loved it as well as were a big NHL country 🙂 but a business standpoint what is Roger's thinking!?!?! This is a major incentive that people choose rogers over other carriers. Also Roger's as the rights to NHL in Canada as a Roger's customer shouldn't we get rewarded with it free or at least discounted, or is Roger's trying to double dip on customers by getting money for our share everything plan and now NHL subscriptions

For the love of GOD please Roger's go back and think about this and re add the NHL back to share everything plans




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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center


According to the article you linked to, "Anyone using the Rogers NHL Live subscription is out of luck. Since the NHL season ended on June 7th, Rogers is not renewing this plan for the next season."


It was not only Share Everything plans that had NHL LIve included but also customers with bundled services like ours on a 2-year contract deal - TV, Internet, and Home Phone. That being said, the service was so poor at times that there is no chance we would ever consider paying for this service. There were times it did work well and I was happy to have it - but only because it was included at no cost.  The fact that rogers has also taken away the ability to program our PVR remotely also means that when our 2-year deal expires this fall, we will happily be switching to Bell. We have just had it with rogers.

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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Thank goodness for mobilesyrup - customers would often never know changes occurred if you looked at the web pages only.  Maybe it is on the bill of people who have the options.


One more example of valued added services gone - add it to the Crave alternative (can't remember it now), and other value added services dropped over time.  You can still sign up until July 29, but you are getting only 6 months from the sign on date.  Spotify is gone too.


This may actually make sense - get out of the business of giving the extra items and just get down to reliable services and fair costs.  And how about better announcements of these changes to the customer, both those who are using them, and those who may be thinking of it, only to learn it is going away.


I am not sure Rogers has a clue where it is going anymore.  I know they want us all on share anything plans and now really, the only features are that you can share data and phone services, (everybody does too), you have a management tool (most have that too), and you can control data across people and monitor and cap data for a member of the share group - most companies have similiar and those without share, on individual plans, you just get warnings and manage each phone individually, no shared anything.


So, moving to a model of just phone services with phone feature tools, same for TV and Internet and nothing extra anymore.


Means the model of value added is kind of being dropped from the marketing models for Rogers - guess they feel they don't need it to get and keep customers. Time will tell.


You can still get the services, but you have to purchase it from Spotify and NHL Centre Ice - don't know if you will be able to pay for it on your Rogers Bill as you can Navigatr, but that is just a billing option that does have its advantage as you can use your Rogers Master Card if you use it to pay for your Rogers Bill.  Don't know if you earn extra Card points for those services, as they are not part of the Rogers service system, although owned partially by them.


Each person will again have to think it through.





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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Hello Community,


I know how great the Spotify and NHL Live experiences were with your Share Everything plan, it really was an awesome incentive.


While we try to minimize the number of changes that we make to our services, from time to time we do make changes to our offers. While we no longer offer Rogers NHL LIVE and Spotify Premium with our wireless plans, we will still deliver great value with features such as Roam Like Home, Worry-Free Data Management, Stream Saver, and access to GamePlus in the MyRogers app. 


Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns, the Community is a great place to make your opinions known about any changes to your services.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Thanks for the info. Ive been with rogers for 5 years, in part because of these kind of incentives. I recently lost access to and now nhl. Im lucky because my contract is expiring soon.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

I dont think Roger's fully understands how this is going to effect them. A stupid move on their part.

Well Roger's theres still time to change this! Or at least confirm that as a Roger's customer the NHL subscription will be heavily discounted
I've Been Around
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

I've been with Rogers for over 10 years, I've put up with their poor service mostly for the value adds like this.    The NHL package was literally the only thing holding me to them, now that it's gone i'll be switching. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

This is the only reason I've stayed with them as well. As soon the next best promo comes along, I will be moving my services as well.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

It appears that Texture has been removed as well. I was using it yesterday morning, then last night I was being asked to subscribe to it. I "chatted" with an operator last night and she kept referring me to the Texture website. The Texture website said if I was a Rogers customer to contact Rogers.


Sad to hear about the NHL game centre. That was a major reason for sticking with Rogers. These little perks or incentives were great. The main problem is that we were not notified of this change. Not good customer service, although I have come to expect this from Rogers.

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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

I'm a 73 YEAR OLD DISABLED PENSIONER who has been using Rogers for about TWENTY YEARS!


During that time, I have put up with a lot! But, today, I finally just told a 'Customer Retention' person that as of the end of August. I was terminating my use of their 'services'. 


She agreed to a monthly charge similar to that from last year, but she told me that I could NOT have NHLLive (on the internet) included as part of the package. It has been included in what we pay since Rogers stopped access by Canadians from using the service directly from the NHL website.


Last year, even though it was promised to me in a phone call, then I was subsequently NOT provided with it, I eventually complained enough that a man named Aubrey (supposedly from 'the office of the president') was finally able to get it for me. I shouldn't have had to complain about it in the first place! They promised it to me verbally in the initial agreement.


This time, unless I have a GUARANTEE that I get my hockey on the Internet as part of the package, like other years, I will be cancelling my Rogers at the end of August!


After 20 years of using Rogers, enough is enough!